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Franny’s news –June

Google search, I don’t own the image. The water was actually warmer, after a week of sun!

Dear readers, how are you today?!

I know I promised I’d regain posting constantly and also that I’d finish the A to Z challenge in a calm way.

But then I didn’t do either of these.


I can only guess.

Maybe I didn’t really want to finish the A to Z, I didn’t manage to finish it when it was supposed to be finished and I’m not 5 years old anymore, so there was no point in giving me the “important is participating” thing.

Also I guess that psychologically speaking I was still too tired and too stuck! Hence I decided to start afresh with the news of the month and work from there. The aim, would be to start publishing every week at least twice but even going back to my weekly posts seems a good start.

I also keep going around jotting down ideas on my blog notebook so I have a bit of backlog of ideas just waiting to be written down.

So, let’s get started.

  1. I started again my morning walk 5 days a week. I dropped to 4 times since I lazily accepted the lifts by my partner the days he was off. I had to increase the exercise, so I started today again with Sunday’s walks. Maybe it wasn’t the right timing, though, as it was lashing and I ended up soaked in water, but I had the change of clothes with me, so no bad at the end.
  2. I probably managed to cut the amount of sugar and honey in the latte and herbal teas. Hopefully it will stay this way. I’m hoping to lose some kilos and manage to get rid of my blood pressure tablets.
  3. Speaking of, the dosage of the tablet was increased with much disappointment on my side.
  4. I started the second stage of the Halloween house. I’m building this house with Maya out of a carton box. I’ll show you soon the progresses.
  5. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for a bronchoscopy. I’m completely petrified. I have a phobia and it seems that the medical staff won’t have any intention to accommodate me. I asked for a total anesthesia in order to do it, let’s see what happens.

Here it is, since the fear for this medical test is blocking my judgment and all, I think these are the only news I have for you!

But let’s stay positive, let’s think this is the first of many other posts. I’ll keep my promise this time around, no worries.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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