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Once again I’m in late in publishing the posts for this challenge. I believe I will be able to beat a record this time, but for no reason I’ll stop participating. So today if my calculations are correct I’ll have to post three letters in order to catch up. But more likely I’ll publish one or two!

I have so many things to do and so many things I’m worried about that I had hardly the mindset to update the blog.

So let’s go back to the Q!

Quantity is a nice topic and most of all, one of the many obsessions I have.

If there is something I got to understand from this year challenge is that I have so many obsessions that I start to feel ashamed!

Said that and taken into account the fact that I’ll have to accept myself as I am before I’ll go mad, let’s go back to the post!

Does the quantity count? Is it better quantity or quality?

In particular after changing job, I realized that this is a real tough question to reply to and that also doesn’t apply only to writing, although, of course, writing is my main issue here!

Once again it seems that every series or every project implies a different number.

I started with a stand alone book, then I was planning a five book series that I put in stand by; for the following project I jotted down fifteen plots, and for the current WIP I decided that it should balance with nine.

How many book will I write? I don’t know, the main reply could be: finish one by one and let’s count at the end. A plot is a plot after all anyway, so it seems that the real main issue here is understanding why I cannot finish a single project once I’ve started. But this is not the right place where to understand the reasoning behind the action!

This is probably linked to a fear I’ve always had.

Would I be able to write one book after the other?

It is clear that at least I’m well able to plan them, so what would stop me to write them all, a part from my stupidity?

And because I’m a bit mean…but just a bit and just with me, the question I ask at all the times is: all right, you’ve plotted them, but will you manage to have other ideas afterwards?

I have no clue, but the fact that I asked this question to myself every single time I finished plotting each and every of the projects I mentioned above, makes me think that I will be able all right.

However, in this field is almost impossible to be certain of things. I guess I’ll have just to wait then.

What would you say about this topic?

I’m very, very curious to know your opinion about it.

Is quality better over quantity? Are they both important?

Do you question yourself at all the times?

Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. When my husband and I first married and we discussed the topic of children. I was an early childhood teacher, I came from a big family, I adored my growing number of nieces and nephews and wanted to add to the number of grandchildren my parents had. My husband was much quieter, the oldest of 3 boys of older parents, not much experience with children and fairly sure if life dealt us the blow of not being able to have any kids he would be content. I wanted 5 he thought he could cope with 2. I told him with any luck they would come along one at a time and we could just see how we went. We had 2 and thought maybe that was it but then along came number 3 5 years later (planned) and that was to be it… until number 4 joined without invitation. When I said I could cope with 5 he arranged a permanent solution. As far as we are both now concerned we got Quality as well as Quantity.

    People sometimes say that children need quality time with parents rather than quantity but I say…. children need time. Yes some intensive special concentrated time but also laid back, plenty of it, take what you want time.

    But when it comes to writing…. quality over quantity wins

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have a huge respect for you! I’m struggling with only one kid, I cannot really imagine how would I manage to deal with more than one. Maybe it’s just me!
      As for the writing I understand what you mean and I agree. In fact I think that despite my wish of writing such and such number, then I’ll reduce it in case I realize the story is suffering! It’s only right!

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