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L as Lore

Vampire form India! Goole search!

Once again I’m in late and once again I don’t know whether I’ll manage to post two letters in order to catch up the posts.

Good thing is that today’s Friday, so in case I’ll need spare time, I’ll have Sunday that will help to restore balance…I hope.

Letter L is basically connected with the R, research, and constitute the base on which I’m building this book.

Once again the main problem is the time! I’m trying to squeeze everything in the spare moments I have during the day.

I believe that lore is a very interesting branch of research. I’d love to have more time and to know more already.

I think everything started in university, when I made a mistake in preparing the small assignment on Dracula. I ended up writing a short essay just on vampires across time and places.

I learned a lot about it and I finally found out two things: first that I’m curious in an obsessive-compulsive way; second that I love the subject.

As I mentioned already I’m going to learn and research something on Irish and Italian lore, because these are the two main countries where my WIP takes place.

I wish I could add more countries and more notions, but I fear that this could be the obsessive-compulsive dark side of me talking!

Because I knew already that both the research and the writing processes would be long, I thought at the beginning to use Supernatural information, just to have a basic story I could work on, once the research was complete.

There are also a few elements that I like, for example the dead man blood that works as poison for vampires.  

After a while though I realized that it was too weird, hence I decided to stop and maybe concentrate on blog writing instead and at the same time doing some research on my own.

The blog would aid me not to lose the habit of writing and the research will help to build the story itself.

I wish I had more time, as alas! I’m squeezing all these in my lunch breaks but as you know I haven’t much!

So, what do you think?

Most of all do you know any cool website about these topics I can read?

Any advice on how to spread my activities better?


2 thoughts on “L as Lore

  1. Lore is a great resource for story ideas and adding dimension. As for websites, I’ve seen a few while browsing the blogs in this challenge. But I’ve visited so many, I don’t remember which. Maybe post in a separate comment on the challenge Facebook page??

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes, that’s a great idea!
      Wow this reminds me that I’m so much behind the blog visiting part….I feel so ashamed! At least this year I pasted and copied the links to the blogs I wanted to visit!

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