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H as Howth


Howth is a fascinating place on the sea 40 minutes from Dublin center. It is also the first place of Ireland my MC are going to see and visit in the book.

I’m not really sure why I’ve picked Howth as location for the very beginning, but it seemed perfect.

20150501_120454For a while I went there to buy fresh fish, and because it was always over an hour ride on the train from home, there was time to think.

The panorama along the railway is astonishing and, despite the fact that has become a touristy place, Howth saves some of that pure tranquil Irish country flavor that probably convinced me.

I’ve tried once to climb the promontory, dreaming to reach the lighthouse on the other side, but I didn’t manage to get even to the top of it. I’m really out of training.

However, the view and the environment, the crashing noise of the sea on the rocks below contribute to its eerie charm.

It was probably because all these mixed feelings and thoughts that I decided to use it as arrival area.

My MC had never moved from their hometown, let alone Italy. I just imagined what would I do if I were in their shoes. Foreign country, unknown language, and strangers all over telling them who they were and what to do.

I’d go insane, to be honest with you.20150501_122359

Writing for me it’s relaxing and also is a way to live another life every single time. This is probably why the characters I create bear a part of me. Through them I manage to be stronger or more adventurous. And putting these particular MC in said situation, is letting me live a great emotion!

And this is just the beginning!

I’ll leave you here with a few pictures I took when I went to Howth with my brother and my sister in law.

20150501_124359These pictures aren’t nice or not even artistic, but they’re portrait of some of the beginning scenes of my new WIP! I needed some visual support, so when I went there last time I start to take these weird photos, but my family is used to me, so they didn’t say anything!

How about you? Do you always use places you’ve seen already, or do you use something completely new for your stories?

If so, how do you manage to make the setting believable in your works?

Tell me your method in the comments below.20150501_145951



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