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G as Generation

GOne of my dreams, a part for writing and publishing, is to try to convey some messages to my readers through writing. I don’t mean that I’m trying to pack my books and stories with precepts that I’ll try to force my reader to listen to like we were in school, of course not.

My idea is more trying to push people to think to simple and/or complicated elements of life. I wish it was as easy as saying this.

It will be very difficult and very risky but I don’t like the idea to write without leaving something behind.

Of course I won’t touch all the subjects or all the important issues of the world, I’d just behave like a big, arrogant ass in attempting that. And I’m very ignorant so I won’t. But since my life hadn’t been always easy I have for sue some first hand experience to help me in this task.

The topic of the generation is one of them and it means here two different things.

First of all, there is the usual difference in between generations. In this series will be grandmothers, mothers and daughters. There will be the usual differences more or less connected also to the role they were covering and they were supposed to cover and they never had the chance to cover.

Also the characters represent three different generations of a hunter family. I’ll try to explain briefly how it works.   

In the Corbet family (and Corbet is still a temporary working in progress surname) grandmas are supposed to train their granddaughters. It’s more or less like the Buffy kind of thing, but slightly changed.

I understand that some of the elements of this WIP can look not original at all, but there are elements I like in different series or books and that I wanted to use in my story.

For example, someone reading my writing might think of Buffy or Dracula or Carmilla and finally Supernatural. It’s true, no sense in denying that!

I’m trying to put together the elements I like and I think valid and spicing up with an original touch of my own.

I hope to succeed in the task rather than write silly things that look like a boring copy of the mashup I’m trying to make.

But let’s go back to the generation topic and keep the comparison with Buffy. In the series there was only one hunter for generation, in my case instead I have a female line of hunters, but not in each generation.

In my reality, there are other hunters and even family of hunters, but the Corbets had been all females.

In particular, in this family usually you have hunters every second generation: you have the grandma who’s the hunter and then you skip her daughter, who is usually inadequate to the role. And afterwards you have the granddaughter who’s the following hunter and who’s trained by the grandma.

So here you have the structure of the family more or less.

What do you think? Do you think it could work? Is there anything out of any logic that could land me in a big fiasco!?

Please let me know in the comments below!


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