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F as Faeries

Picture taken from the site I’m going to link later in the post.

Faeries are one of the supernatural beings I’m going to use for this WIP. They’re quite fascinating.

Their charm partly is due to the fact they’re part of the Celtic mythology so they’re perfect for my purpose.

I have to admit, being ignorant as I am, that I didn’t know almost anything about faeries, including the right spelling of the word. I’m finding the read very interesting and enlightening.

I didn’t know anything about their habits or their dwells or their social arrangement. I luckily found them at the very beginning of the list of Irish supernatural creature I started to study.

My first stop was this website. It’s packed with information and it’s a good tool I can use at least as a guideline to organize my future researching.

I say luckily because one of the books (this WIP hopefully will be a series) had its plot centered on faeries and the interaction in between them and humans and other supernatural creatures.

However, after learning what I read on that website, I realized that the whole point of the story was wrong! Not much harm done, though!

I need the story itself for the whole arc of the series I’m planning, so I told myself that I’ll just have to use another creature and that’s sorted!

But, most of all, the study of the faerie lore gave me a new idea I could use for another book altogether. I was still trying to create plots for the following books in order to have a complete overall idea and this helped!  

Win, Win I’d say!

I’m aware I have to verify the data I’ve found out, but I’m all excited.

Last summer, during my brief trip in Sligo, we went to the the Gillighan’s world.

I knew from the lady in that place that there should be a whole literature, even modern stuff, about it packed with the information I need.

You know me already, I love researching.

So this is what I have so far about faeries.

Do you have any advice on the matter?

Any book you can recommend on the topic?

Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “F as Faeries

  1. Hmmm…I grew up on fairy or faerie stories as a child and I think my newest writing is going to have to do some research on this as well – I’m writing a story based in the 1100s in England and I know there is a supernatural element or one believed to be. People were much more casual about fairy folk back in the day. It wasn’t considered woo woo to leave a saucer of milk out for the wee folk or to make sure you paid them some mind on certain days – or you’d be having trouble! So you might make sure to do them right (write) so they won’t get cross with you. Now I’m going to go check out your site. What fun!
    Jan Morrison, this crazy writing life

    • Thanks Jan for stopping by and commenting!
      Yes I hope too not to cross them!
      Actually we could swap information in case you’re researching on the same thing! Of course, if it’s OK for you!
      I’m just soon slow, but I’m doing my best!
      I’ll speak more about researching in my letter R!

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