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E as Era

This was a funny experiment, I recorded this post while walking towards work. I don’t think it’s worth it though, it took me ages to write down what I’ve recorded and I haven’t published yet!

But let’s get started!

Google search for Era and Zeus

Era is another one of the secondary characters of the my WIP. She’s the grandmother of my main characters and she was a hunter. She is also the reason why my girls have supernatural powers; I’ll probably discuss them in further details when I’ll write the letters M and P.

Although Era was an old style kind of hunter, she happened to fall in love with Wallace who is a kelpie.

She bet him during a fight and won his reins, which is basically the way to beat and control a kelpie.

Talking with him and seeing that he was different from the other supernatural creatures, she began to understand that there are differences among them.

 She started to think that probably not all of the creatures she’d always hunted without distinction are bad, and not all of them needed to be eradicated from the earth.

Eventually she fell in love with him and they had a daughter, who unfortunately didn’t inherit any superpower.

As per generation rule existing in the family Era was supposed to train her granddaughter. I’ll explain the generation thing in another post, no worries.

However, following an unfortunate event, my MC wasn’t trained by Era but was brought up by her grandmother best friend because Era was killed in a fight with a werewolf.

Despite changing the country after she had the baby, Era kept in touch with her supernatural friend and her lover. The trust she had in some of them and in particular in Wallace will benefice her granddaughter too.

Because Era died before the time the events of my books take place, she couldn’t possibly be one of the main characters but as a matter of fact she is as a ghost.

She will participate to some of the dialogues and some of the action scenes to some extent and eventually she will be able to be seen.

Since my characters are pretty new to the field and they never hunted before, Era being constantly close to one of the MC in particular, will help to give some insight of the supernatural world and add some flavor to the whole story.

Era was strong, a warrior, I describe as being tall, slender and muscular. She had blond hair always tied in a bun on her head.

In this bun there were always two knives just in case she needed them. She had always had to fight and in her long, active life and she wasn’t exactly short of enemies.  

When she had her daughter she decided to go back to Italy, which was her country of origin and she went to live in one of the suburbs of Naples, Arzano, which is where one of my MC was found.

When was the turn for her daughter to get pregnant than she decided to stay permanently in Italy, stopping the continuous back and forward to visit Wallace in Ireland.

The main reason behind this move was that she had to educate the new child to be the new hunter of the family.

She wanted to be a firm presence for her as she was supposed to train her eventually, but most of all, she had to work as mother too as her own daughter died of labor.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, during one of the hunts she was killed by a werewolf coming from the mountains surrounding the areas.

The name Era is temporary I think, or it might stay. I gave her this name to be in line with with the other main characters, who bear the names of Roman deities. I decided to call her as such because Era is the wife of Zeus and being the origin of my main ladies I wanted to stress the point and give her an important name.

For my MC there is a reason why I gave them those names but for her it was a matter of linking the names I gave to the other two.

Just bear in mind that it’s still a WIP so the name might change as her background, because I’m still plotting.

I like her very much as she was strong and caring at the same time, something many people struggle to balance at all the times in real life.

On the other hand, she’s also picky and touchy which will help to create some funny scenes I’ll use to lighten the tension and narration.

I hope you like her, because I love her.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about her, please feel free to write in the comments below.

P.S. Forgive me if this post is worse than the previous ones for grammar and syntax but I really struggled to publish today!

See you tomorrow


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