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D as Dublin




The subject of this post isn’t the one that I originally planned for the letter D.

I thought that speaking too much about characters, and in particular of the one I wanted to write about, would give away too much of the story.

As you know, Hunter’s journal is a work in progress so let’s say practically only still an idea.

Although I drafted around 20K words already and outlined the majority of the characters, world and society, an idea is still an idea and there is no copyright on it!

I’d say that with a little bit more research and more brainstorming I’ll be able to write down smoothly a story that has almost have a complete shape!

Last night, for example, I was talking with my partner about some dynamics of the world and on this subject he’s very good in pointing out something that might not make sense at all in my plans.

Two brains work better than one and I can trust him with my life!

But why Dublin?

Because I live here!

No really, it’s as simply as that.

I’ve been living here for almost 9 years and I still like it. I’ve said that already, but even when I have to walk for an errand or do some shopping, I love to walk around while admiring the surrounding.

Of course Dublin is a city and has as many flows and problems as a big multicultural city can have.

However, I find it fascinating. Even the most ruined and shabby looking buildings, yes the one with barred doors and window, have their charm.

I might be very weird, I know I am, but when I see a half ruined house, my brain goes wild!

I start to think what can be written about it, what could be the story behind such abandoned house or shop.

It’s almost an intoxicating sensation! I know I sound even weirder now!

I’ve always had something for the ruined and abandoned buildings, since I was a kid, I have no clue why.

The difference maybe is that when I was younger I thought how I could repair them and bringing them to new life, while now I only think about how fantastic the story behind them could be.

Am I getting weirder or am I growing wiser? I know now that not everything can be repaired, but sometimes can be recycled in a creative way.

Said that, I’d add that since I know and I love Dublin it was of course an obvious choice to make.

As they say, it’s better to write about what you know, hence the story will be set in Dublin, in Ireland and in a few Italian cities.

What do you think?

Do you write always what you know and experienced or not?



4 thoughts on “D as Dublin

  1. I love to imagine what old buildings used to be like in their day. Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy at the beginning – wouldn’t that be cool? But as writers, we can make up stories inspired by them! Thanks for sharing about Dublin today!

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