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C as Change

This book is the book of changes, in different kind of ways. Let’s see if I manage to convey them to you.

As I mentioned in my first post, there are a lot of vampires and werewolves already on the market, so I decided to concentrate more on shape shifting in this WIP… well other kind of shape shifting, as you can consider the werewolf in this category.

What I want to introduce are shape shifters, doppelgangers, kelpies, faeries, witches and who knows what interesting things I’ll find during my researches. As I mentioned beforehand, Hunter’s journal is a work in progress.

I’ve always loved the idea of the double in general, you can tell even looking at this blog title, so I guess this attraction towards the changing appearance is interconnected with that too.

It’s a fascinating topic and at the same time I guess perfect to aid some tension building.

At least it works form me; when a shape shifter is protagonist of a story, either in a film or TV show or a book, the idea that he or she is almost unstoppable, because nobody knows who this creature is for real, is something so unsettling that I’d scream for the frustration.

And if this will work for me as the concept of terror and nightmare would work for Mary Shelley, then I’ll be happy. Not that I’m comparing myself even a tenth close to her skills but you’ve got my comparison!

There is more: the change I have in mind is the change of the times, of the era for that particular world I’m concentrating on, and of the characters’ behavior too. I hope I will manage to convey the mutation from the very first young and inexpert status to the final product of training and experience.

Also, and this would be more interesting, I’ll be glad if I could portray the shifting of their characters from the very beginning to the end of the story.

I know that as writer should aim to that every time, but I’d love if I’ll mange to make it particularly evident for this story as I consider this book and this story very close to me.

I might not be perfect and not even close to acceptable as writer, but this is my dream, so I’m grabbing to it with all my strength.

I hope this will mean a change for my life sooner or later too.

How about you? How are you involved in your story?


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