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A as Andrew

And finally we’re starting the challenge!

I’m more behind already than I wanted, if you remember I said I would write the posts in advance, but alas! I’m writing this one right now!!! I don’t get disheartened though, I want to make it.

The first letter of the alphabet introduces one of my new characters who’s basically representation of an old love of mine: Andrew the vampire.

I know that this name makes him sound like a cartoon character from the 80s and I have to admit he’s very cool.

Soon, reading my posts, you’ll realize the inner struggle I had to go through in the attempt to suppress the urge to make the vampire my main character.

“You have to write what you love”, this is the statement everybody keeps repeating, and I actually agree on it. However, if I want to be published at some stage in my life, I’ll have to think about the market also.

So the decision was to use indeed the vampire, but as more a side-kick or secondary character and use humans, for how hybrid might be, as main ones.

But let’s go back to Andrew.

Andrew is a vampire, but plays in between the goodies, let’s say this way to make it easier to understand.

Andrew suffered a lot and this brought him to think that the world needed him no more so he decided to close himself in his villa and decided to spend the eternity alone.

The details of his story aren’t 100% clear as I’ve been working on this new book, and hence world, for just a few months.

So I decided to transform this challenge posts in a bit of stream of consciousness for my WIP.

Andrew was happily married with a human girl.

The girl was sick with porphyria and so he was continuously torn in between transforming her and turning her into a real creature of the night or live with her for all the time that her life would last.

She knew he was a vampire but she didn’t mind. He had been the only friend she had when she wondered during the night due to her hypersensitive skin to the sun, and eventually he become her husband.

A baby girl was born from their love and they spent the first few months in peace.

However, people in small villages always talk, even if you’re the lord of the place or maybe more, because of that. The famine didn’t help and people kept dying and someone had to be blamed for that.

This means that Maeve, that was the name of the lady, became object of mean talk and the the talk become action and when accused to be a vampire stealing people from their houses, she was killed.

Andrew of course was destroyed by this loss and annihilated.

Their daughter, Aine, had a look of a normal healthy baby because she was half human anyway. In order to save her, despite his recent loss, Andrew decided to put her in an orphanage.

From time to time he would check on her and gave great donations to the house in order to guarantee to his own child a decent living.

However, one night she disappeared and nobody could explain why.

He begged and threatened the nuns responsible of the orphanage but they didn’t utter a word.

It seemed they didn’t know anything for real.

It didn’t matter how hard he tried to find her and how far he went in order to see her again.

It really seemed she dissolved in the thin air.

This was the final blow for Andrew who, as I mentioned before, retired from life not interested either in humans or vampire affairs anymore.

He spent like this many, many years, centuries, but despite not willing to eat, he didn’t die, he couldn’t, he was immortal.

Why he didn’t kill himself? Because the hope of a good news was still there, somewhere in his own body, lost in a far corner of his mind.

It was in this condition that his once friend Wallace found him and brought him to the world again.

For the rest you’ll have the read the book I still have to write!

Muhahahah, I love to be able to show my evil laugh from time to time!

I’m happy I managed to jot down Andrew’s life, I’m quite satisfied although I know that many elements are missing and many questions are still unanswered.

Thanks for reading and to bear with me till the end of this post!

See you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “A as Andrew

  1. I have to say, your post left me hoping that “V” will be for “vampire” – I’d love to learn about their biology in your world, how come they have children, etc., and all the sociological and policital inclinations of having vampires within societies.

    • Hahaha explaining all that will be just spit the whole plot of the books I’m planning! But yes, the V will be vampire. I’m still trying to figure out many details, because I’ve been reading the classics lately so my brain is in a constant brainstorming. Balks tradition speaks about vampire offsprings, I’ll have to give a logic explanation of course!
      Thanks for pushing my questioning as usual! It’s so useful to make my writing better!

  2. Excellent debut for the challenge! I love how the words about Andrew seemed to roll off your fingers – and you left enough mystery for a reader to want more. I’m glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge!

    – Eli@CoachDaddy (#1240)

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