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A to Z Blog Challenge 2016

Aaaaand this is that time of the year again!

Every year, on the 1st of April all those bloggers who want to challenge themselves, will try and publish a blog post every day for the whole month.

Every day is associated to a letter of the alphabet. We kindly have the Sundays off!

The aim is to publish a short post which title starts with the particular letter of the day.

This is I think the third or fourth year that I participate and I love it.

Firstly, I love it because it gives me a healthy and constructive challenge.

Secondly shows me that I can do it, I mean to publish more often.

Taken into account this second consideration, every single year after the end of the challenge follows bit of rage and puzzlement as I don’t understand why, after April, I struggle to publish even once a week.

I believe there must be something wrong with my approach.

I’ve been already working on this, because to be honest with you, I’d love to publish at lease twice a week if I could.

However, this year the challenge will be even tougher as I started to work full time and, as you know, I’m more time crunched than before.

Hence I’ll start to prepare the posts in advance, I’m sorry but I have no other option.

Also the comments and visits to the other’s posts will be a bit of mission impossible, I apologize in advance if I don’t manage.

I just only have to bear in mind something.

In case I’ll manage this time around, I’ll seriously have to thing about posting twice a week, because I won’t have any excuse anymore.

I’ve just entered my link in the list and I’m number 1274, oh boy, so many fellow bloggers out there, it’s exciting!

Last thing left to do is to add the theme to the 2016 challenge.

I decided that for this year I’ll talk about my new WIP, Hunter’s Journal, which of course is just the working title.  

This means that many of the letters will bear a topic or a character that will change or won’t be there by the time the WIP is over, but I’m glad to share it here on this blog.

The only thing is I haven’t prepared any picture this year, but who knows, I might do some last minute’s sketch.

So this is it for today, I’m so eager and excited to begin!

How about you?

Are you joining the bloggers in this A to Z challenge?

Let me know in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge 2016

      • I’m opposite to you, this year I should have a bit more time (well, save the two other challenges I’m doing at the same time), and yes, I did my theme reveal just now, I’m going easy since it’s my first time and I’ll be doing “books”. 🙂

      • Possibly. Or you might find several books you’ve already read ;).
        Anyways, good luck with your challenge! Will be popping over to see what you’ve wrote!

  1. I think you need to find your “tribe” so you will be inspired to post more often. It is a tough go alone in this blogging world, I liken it to yelling into a canyon and never receiving an answer. I have done writing and photography challenges and met a lot of great bloggers. I even met a group of bloggers IN PERSON *gasps* – quite the leap of faith for me.
    Hopefully, these tips will alleviate some of your frustration with inspiration.
    Pop by for a visit some time
    http://www.thriftshopcommando.blogspot.com (No. 115 on the list)

    • Thanks for the advice! Although I’m afraid the bigger issue for me is the time I don’t have! I’m trying to squeeze everything in the few spare minutes I have every day!
      I will visit alright! Thanks!

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