St. Patrick’s day relief!

I want to wish you all Happy St. Patrick’s festivities!

Since I’ve opened this blog, I’ve done it.

Google search!

I have a news for this year though, a news that could be very sad for someone but somewhat sweet for me!

Unless something very peculiar would happen in my new workplace, there won’t be any post-Paddy’s blog.

The reason is that I don’t work in the monster factory anymore and, because of that, I won’t be witness of the stupidity that comes out in tourists during these events.

I’m quite happy and relaxed actually, as I’ll be able to take my breaks as any other human being, I’ll be able to paint my nails in green without asking permission AND, this is a huge plus, I’ll be finally able to wear my naked leprechaun earrings!

I love weird earrings, you know that, but this is not even the point.

The real point is that, finally, I’m in a place where people appreciate my character and I can express my being weird without being called cuckoo!  

Yes, they’ve done there…and more than once.

At the same time, I wish my ex-colleagues, well the ones I love and I miss, all the best!


This is me instead! Well, my hand!