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Franny’s news-February 2016

Google search! I love rainbow colors!

This is another kind of post you haven’t seen for a while.

It is true that I often give you news scattered in all the other blogs, but because I’m going to write a few posts in the future that will seem pure nonsense, I think an explanation is in order.

At least you won’t think I’m more odd than I usually am!

You all know by now that I was very sick last month and despite feeling better I still don’t feel OK.

Thing is that during those two weeks’ climax of my bronchitis, I didn’t know what to think. I was scared and my hypochondria reached its peak.

Hence I went back to talk with a friend of mine who’s decided a few months ago to take a nice path towards the self respect and healthier life style.

When he talked about diet and sport and such for the first time a few weeks before, I didn’t want to listen really, mainly because I don’t like myself. Actually no, to be precise I swing from hating me to not stand my own presence.

Then, because I was scared and because I though that I should do this at least for my little one, I started to think that I could go into further details.

The deal is basically follow the European guidelines for cancer prevention.

There are many video of conference held by this oncologist Franco Berrino to help out if you need.

So I changed my diet, I started eating more vegetables, more pulses, almost eliminating meat and milk. Of course you have to stay clear from processed meat and food, usually full of sugars.

You should stop assuming sugars of any kind as well, but I’m finding this bit extremely hard.

This is increasingly more interesting day by day. I though it was harder that it actually was. I love vegetable and pulses anyway, but thanks to the variegated canteen I have in work, I keep experimenting vegetarian and vegan dishes that the most of the times are delicious.

I’m learning new ingredients like the bulgur, like the quinoa e how to cook them.

Along with that I had to start taking seriously to exercise more. I have to admit to be very lazy, so even the short walks I was taking a couple of months ago seemed to be such a heavy burden that every excuse was good to drop them.

Now, instead, I’m so determined that I found a way to put me in a position where I have to do it.

I still walk, from my place to work this time. It’s an hour long walk along the canal. I put my training suit on and I walk briskly towards my office, change in the bathroom and then start my day with a healthy breakfast.

To make it nicer and more appealing I had the idea to download again the audiobook app.

I’m listening to the second book now, since I’ve started, and I began to feel satisfied.

So satisfied, in fact, that I started to make some movement even during the days off.

I haven’t lost any weight so far, but I feel better, more energetic and not bloated anymore.

Well, except the last few days that I feel crap since I might have taken another infection…I’m a bit unlucky lately!

Still, I kept walking, despite my partner yelling at me that it’s not that wise to walk at -2 degrees if I don’t feel good.

So I trust this change, and I hope against hope that at lest this time it will be consistent.

I don’t trust myself much in general. When I decide to make a change, in particular so drastic, as consequence of fear, it usually stops when the determination fades away or the fear is far to be felt so strong.

I hope I’ll keep going!

Last news is that I managed to organize a bit better my time and my life or maybe, better, I surrendered to the fact I cannot do more than a certain amount of things, I’m not a superwoman.

Maybe there are faster and better organizers out there, but this is my best. This brought me to relax and organize in a tidier way the time I actually have left from the other duties.

Since then, as I mentioned, I started to walk to work, which means I’ll be able to make some activity and listening to audiobook meanwhile.

Then I decided to sacrifice at least 20-30 minutes from my lunch break and dedicated them to the first draft of my WIP.

Before bed I can spend ten minutes reading and I decided to dedicate the days off to the blog drafts and technical care of it.

Then I decided to be more flexible towards the spare spells of time.

For example, for a series of coincidences I arrived in work earlier this time…well, one and half hour earlier.

So I decided to finalize and publish this blog post, and then, if I’ll have some time left, I’ll do some research and plotting for my book.

I guess that the bottom line here is: I managed to relax a bit, understand I’m a human being not perfect at all, hence I’m not a robot.

Also I started to include some exercise and I started to eat properly.

I guess it’s a good thing, at least for a while. Everybody can improve!

But most of all, following loads of people advice, I should say I’m proud of what I’m doing.


What do you think about that?

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