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Happy New Year of the Monkey!

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Morning everybody! 

I’m using this post to wish a happy new year to the Chinese community and to whomever wants to celebrate another time the new year! 

Personally speaking, as you know, I haven’t had a great start, so I decided to consider this one as new year. Let’s consider January a trial that didn’t go so well.

I’m still not doing any plans for the new year, because it’s something that you bring on until you get tired. 

I’ve made a few changes thought, consequence of January events, but I’ll speak about those later on in another post! 

Now it’s time to celebrate!

They say that the year of the monkey is a good one! Fingers crossed! 


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year of the Monkey!

  1. Happy New Year Franny 🙂 Like yourself, I’d a January that was more of a trial than a new start! All good years start in February 😉

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