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Learning to love myself

One of the most common critiques I receive from friends and people in general is that I should love myself  more. 

I honestly find this very hard to do. I don’t know why. I guess that being able to admit it is a baby step forward in order to reach this goal. 

But I want to write this post in order to remind me something. 

If you remember I complained two posts ago because I hadn’t received any message or mail from almost anybody in the office while I was sick. I still think that it is a bit disappointing, although at the end of the second last week someone wondered where I was. 

I just have to thank my lead and my friend F. who were present for the whole sick spell. Thanks a lot! 

I will for sure move a little bit less freely knowing that not everybody likes me like I like them, but that’s the history of my life. 

However, when I went back into the office, I arrived to the 8 shift and I found a very colorful and full  of cards desk, with welcoming messages. Later on I was presented with a wonderful plant. 

Here is the picture:

Welcoome back Francy

So I thought that if I love myself at least a bit, I should be able to admit that I felt pampered, and maybe worth a bit since I received that sweet treatment. 

There are a still a few bits and pieces I cannot place, but I will probably sooner or later. 

For the rest, my toddler is feeling still a bit sick, and I hope against hope that my partner won’t fall next. I hate this year so much already. 

I hope in a better February. 

I don’t own the image. Goole search!

So what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Learning to love myself

  1. Hey Francesca!!!

    I don’t comment much because I don’t open my Feedly every day… I actually rarely open it!

    First: I believe it’s a gift to be able to love everybody like you do. BUT there are really few people with this ability. SO, don’t think they don’t love YOU back. They just can’t!

    Second: What have I done? I miss Dublin every single day, and to read about you saying that you feel lonely is just like somebody stabbing my heart! I also have a pretty low self-esteem, so I know how bad you feel and no advice will change that. “You need to love yourself more”… Great, you are the 1 millionth person to tell me that! Sorry, the trophy is not in my bag….
    But how is it possible that I’m about 10.000 km away and like you the same way as when I was at your house?
    Maybe you are super worth loving and the ones who can’t enjoy how welcoming and loving you are, are missing on something super special!

    A big hug and don’t let winter get you down! (All that darkness and rain can seriously mess up with our heads!)

    • Hi Shaine! Sorry if I replied so late.
      I love your comment, thanks so much for every single word you said.
      I was nearly in tears…thanks so so so much.
      It’s just very hard to find the right friend, it’s weird, maybe I’m too complicated.
      I’ll keep trying but truth is that you and the other people I love who left me here aren’t replaced that easily…actually cannot be replaced at all.
      Come back!!!! 🙂

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