Christmas holidays 

Christmas2016-1Hello again dear readers, 

There is no much news here, I’m still sick with a severe bronchitis, but I feel much better. The variation is that I’m going back to work soon!

The reason why this blog doesn’t explode with posts like I would like, since I’ve been home sick for over four weeks is due to the fact I’m very worried. I haven’t blogged nor written my novel nor plotted nor anything else. 

I’ve been focusing on a file I hope I’ll find useful when I’ll finally manage to go back to work. I’m still in probation, right?

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, please!

A part from that I basically did nothing and tried to rest, because during the night I still don’t sleep. 

You might wonder why I cannot cut 20-30 minutes a day for my stuff. Actually I don’t have an answer for this and although I wonder it myself, I’ve never managed to find one. If you have any kind of advice, please, I beg you, give it to me! 

I feel ridiculous honestly. It’s seriously impossible that a human being cannot take 20 minutes for herself in a whole 24 hours day. 

Said that, I decided I’m going to tell you about my Christmas holiday, possibly before February kicks in! 

Nothing fancy, I went back home. But it was good, I needed it. 

We weren’t sure we could spend our holidays at home until the last day,  since my partner’s company was in a very delicate situation, but eventually we managed. 

It’s always a variegated and strong mixture of feelings when you go home and everybody who lives abroad knows that.

What kind of feelings kick in when you go back there, depends on your background, on your character, on what you’ve left there when you moved. 

Lately I grew very nostalgic and very needy of my family, sister in law, my best friends as I was feeling incredibly lonely here. 

I mean I love meeting new people, I’m a sociable person and I have to say it’s rare I don’t like someone. 

However, I don’t really have a strong bond with anybody at the moment and so I feelChristmas2016-2 a bit isolated. 

Going back was nice. Although I couldn’t meet my best friends because they live too afar from my mum, it was nice to catch up with the old group and celebrate the holidays and Maya’s bi
rthday with family. 

Of course there is the little dark spot of my partner’s family I personally hate that have to pollute every single event, but I’ve complained even too much for a single post.

On the 22nd was my daughter’s 4th birthday. She’s so big already!

I decided to organize the party in our friend’s medieval pub and it was a success as the previous one. 

I have also to thank for this party two people: my mum and Ilaria who managed to follow my creasy directions from here and provide all the necessary for the event. 

Ilaria also took charge of the entertainment for the few kids who attended. She made face painting, some decoration, a piñata and a nice poster of Olaf where the children had to attach carrot in place of his nose. 

It was very funny and Maya had a ball really.

Then I had my day off of the year and I spend it with the best sister in law you could ever imagine for yourself. She’s not only my sister in law, she’ s also one of my dearest friend. 

I went to Lucca, and joined her and my brother for lunch. It was amazing and relaxing at the same time. I needed time with them. We tried to talk about everything…well, let’s say we manage to nibble at several topics, but we couldn’t do more. 

Then I went with her to the hairdresser and I had my hair cut and then it was dinner with the whole family in my mum’s place.

Christmas was spent in my sister in law’s mum’s place. 

Her family is very nice, is like I’ve adopted another family and I felt very relaxed and at home. 

The memoir of these days will be my charm I’ll hold onto whenever I’ll feel down or homesick. It won’t be like being at home but it will keep me company all the same. 

I didn’t go into details, I just upload a few pictures, mainly because I want to keep those for me, otherwise I’m afraid it will lose the charm effect I was talking about. 

Christmas2016-3As you know I didn’t do any list about the changes I want to make in 2016, that actually started in a very bad way, but I want to promise you, my dear readers, that I’ll do my best to update these pages at least once a week!

That’s it for now! 

Let me know in the comment how you spent you holiday! Any fun fact you want to share with me?