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Maybe I should finish one of these books!

I have the bad habit to start many books and reading them in the same laps of time. Usually the choice of the book follows my mood in a particular moment.

Some people don’t understand how I do it, but I’ve always done it, for me its like putting a film on pause and then, when I open the book during the following session, the film starts again where I left it. Even if I haven’t touched the book for a while the result it’s the same.

A few days ago I was at home sick with flu and I couldn’t keep my eyes open but I wanted to read something.

I wasn’t in any particular mood but I had the urge to start a book set during the second world war.

Don’t ask me why exactly, I cannot reply to that but so it was. And that’s how it happens: I have these compulsive spells in which I have to begin a new book or reread an old one!

Anyway, I thought about how many books I started already and I decided to gather them on my bed in order to tidy up my head and maybe pick a read.

This was the result:


Once I realized that, I also though that maybe the reason why I’m so painfully slow in reading books is the fact that I keep starting new ones and never finishing them.

Also, I have to admit that from time to time I have those nostalgic pangs and I have to reread something like Harry Potter or Hunger Games.

If you add all this to the fact that I’m naturally a slow reader, it’s quite understandable how it’s hard for me to finish often books.

If you’re curious to know, that day I took Murakami’s book and I kept reading it.

Also I promised to myself to finish at least one or two books of this bunch before beginning a new one.

Unfortunately one of my colleague, whom I decided to call “my personal walking library,” finished the list of books he promised to make in order to help me to improve in my writing.

Needless to say that I started a new novel, which for me is actually a reread-just in a different language, “Madame Bovary” by Flaubert.

But I promise I’ll stop! I swear!!!

How about you? Do you read a book, you finish it and then start a new one or can you read several novels at the same time?

Let me know in the comments below!!!


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