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Thanks Oisín!

This is where the class was held. Google search.

A week has already passed since the Fantasy and Sci-Fi writing workshop ended.

I’m so sad about it, I could have cried during the last class. Good for me that I managed to keep the control this time around and don’t behave like an idiot!

The class was run by Oisín McGann  who’s one of my favorite writers, as you might well know by now.

Since I’ve mentioned him several times in my past blog posts, you might be curious to know something more about him. If you are, go to his website and check the books he’s written! Try to read one, whatever you’ll pick you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

The class ran for 6 weeks, once a week and it was all about writing and publishing your book. He began with some tips on how to get ideas for your stories, went through hints on characters, plot, world building and structure of the novel itself and ended with advices on publishing.

It was the second workshop I did with him and it was as much interesting as it was the first one. I enjoyed every single minute of it!

Despite me being busier this time with a toddler and a full time job, I made the effort with pleasure.

Most of all I knew I needed it.

After all the books on writing I read and all the workshops I made, I needed to go back to the origin. It was more or less like the need you have to go back home after travelling around the whole world.

Oisín is a natural entertainer, it’s just a pleasure to listen to him. He explains concepts in a funny, simple but very detailed way.

I know that becoming a writer it’s not easy, but listening to him gives you hope that, with hard work, you can make it…eventually.

His love for the job is clear and comes out from his explanations; so even if you went there just out of curiosity you’ll be at least tempted to give it a go! His enthusiasm is contagious!

But I also went for another reason.

You might remember my three rant posts about the atrocious feedback I received in my last workshop with “the editor” that brought me to seriously consider stopping my writing dream.

So what I wanted was a feedback. I didn’t want necessarily a positive feedback but at least a constructive one. I’m intelligent enough to understand I have weak points and that I have to work hard on them, but I needed someone whom I respect to tell me that and to be able to focus again.

And I’m happy and moved to tell you that I got what I needed.

I understand that this field is hard and that not always I will be able to receive a nice feedback or reply, and maybe it’s about time for me to build a little bit of armor around me since I want to become a writer.

However, I believe that there is a huge difference in between a negative, even rude comment and some racist even mean statement.

I had to go back and cry on mummy’s lap! Sue me!

Oisín gave me an honest feedback telling me the bits I have to work on and I promise I’ll do my best to comply, because I think he’s right!

Since my main issue is still finding the time to write, I think I’ll finish the planning properly, as I realize I’m a bit of a heavy planner and I’ll start with writing! Of course on my Luas trips and 10 minutes increments scraped from my lunch breaks. Slowly but surely!!!

Just one last thing:

Thank you, Oisín, thank you so much! 


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