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Reading status – September 2015


I was eager to write this post this morning as I have some news.

The first good news, mainly for the friend who kindly lent me his book, it’s that I finally managed to finish How to write Sci-fi and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card.

I loved it. 

It was very helpful with great insight into the subject.

It took me so long to finish it because I had to take notes all along. Also it was a new book so I had to read it in awkward position in order to preserve the spine without marks! But I think I managed pretty well.

I’ve never read anything by Orson Scott Card till now, a part for this non fiction but I heard he’s very good writer.

What I’ve noticed from this book is that you can see he knows what he’s talking about and also that there is a human being and a real person behind the writer and the lecturer. He admits the mistakes he’d made and also his weaknesses and, to be honest with you, I think that alone requires being humble and strong at the same time…in particular for a person in his position.

I only hope that the day I’ll decide to read one of his books I’ll be able to see the teacher behind the fiction as I’ve noticed with Oisín McGann. In fact this is one of the reasons why Oisín is one of my favorite writers.

The second thing I want to say is about a novella that I was to read in order to understand better three chapters of the book I’m reading now. Yes, the one I’m supposed to write the review about…please, K., forgive me for I’m very slow…

The novella is Of mice and men by John Steinbeck.

I’ve never read Steinbeck before and I’m absolutely fascinated. The reason why I need to write this thoughts down is, not only because I want to share my discover with you, but also because I need to vent.

Why? Because the novella left me utterly sad and a painful sensation inside.

I didn’t know Steinbeck, I knew he was one of the classics but firstly I’ve never been interested in modern fiction and secondly I was regarding it as one of exam topic for the Anglo-American literature students. I had my handful with English classics at the time and the rest of the spare time was dedicated to the speculative contemporary fiction so I didn’t really thought of reading him.

To be honest with you it was a huge mistake, a mistake I’m willing to correct in the near future.

Although I know that it will be a painful reading and I’ll suffer, as it will be more or less like reading Primo Levi’s books, I cannot possible miss the brilliant style and the fantastic way of presenting characters. I want to learn how is properly written the ‘show don’t tell’ into the text and the description without boring the reader to death.

The last news is that, after finishing Orson Scott Card’s book, I have my research slot free, so I began a new book related to one of my two WIPs, Hunter’s Journal. The book I’m talking about is The Wordsworth Collection of Irish ghost stories. It’a a collection of short stories and novellas from Irish classical writers. How it would be terrifying I’ll judge in a few days.

Mainly I hope to find something that could trigger an idea or give me inspiration. Also it is a light reading to sit in the kitchen with, while I’m trying to stay awake and not burn dinner!!!

So, that’s it for the moment. And how about you? What are you reading? Did you discover anything interesting? Do you have any suggestion for me to broaden my culture?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. John Steinbeck


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