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August Weird dreams – Part 2. 


I walk by this every morning!

I know this post will be published at the beginning of September…well not really the beginning as you can see, but these dreams are still part of the same bunch!

As I promised in my last post I’ll finish my tale.

To the following list I have to add last night dream in which I was brushing my teeth. I was talking to someone and when I turned to the voice talking to me I realized the person next to me brushing his teeth was Stephen Amell.

Now I don’t even remember what we were talking about but the sensation was like the one you have when your favorite cousin is around!

After this one I’ve had plenty of them but for some reason I couldn’t remember any detail worth telling. 

Then we begin again with the old ones. 

E., one of my best friends, was in my living room on a blood stained mattress on the floor. She had just had her second baby. She was wrapping the new born in a blanket and getting on her feet, when the image moved to me and S., my other best friend, sitting on the couch watching the TV. I said “How comes that she made it so fast?”

And S. said “Well, everybody’s different!”


I was running away from someone and for some reason I landed on the top of a truck. The top of this truck was closed and my dad was driving. We went to chase another truck and we ended up so close that with my hand I could reach the top of the other truck almost at ease. Only problem was that the other truck was full of lentils soup up to the edge.


I woke up in a tent either in the space or in a dystopian reality, I don’t remember. Immediately after I was rushing through some corridors that looked like a spaceship corridors. The girl I was chasing had a vial I wanted. She went running down the stairs and activated them letting them transform into a slide.

I managed to catch up with her and I took the vial. In that very moment the doors of the lab opened and some kind of scientist followed by some guards came over to us. “She tried to rob this” I said. For some reason the guards took me into custody and brought me away. Just then I had the sensation that someone was watching me but I had no clue of who he or she was.


I was in an old castle for something like a tour. It was dark outside. It was a stone built medieval castle. The more we went inside and discovered the rooms, the more the environment and the situation became real.

At some stage there was a lady in a long dark cloak who had some metal pieces in her hands. She was looking at us leaning on her tall stick. At least I think she was looking at us as the hood covered her face entirely.

“Touch that hand” she said addressing us and pointing to an exit on her left “And you’ll have one bracelet of the witch!”

So the things she was playing with were bracelets.

The door she was pointing at gave to a courtyard that looked like a typical medieval market square.

Dangling from a low roof made of straw there was a blueish hand that was stirring and closing in a fist continuously. Immediately under it there was a wooden bowl full of liquid attached to a thin wooden pole.

The task was to touch the hand and pass away, that’s it.

When my turn came, I walked quickly towards the hand while it was dipping in the bowl. When I was closer I touched it but it grasped my fingers with long black claws.

I immediately woke up. And to be honest where the hand pinched me was still sore. That dream was weird and creepy.


I don’t remember much of this dream a part from a huge room, again in a medieval kind of castle.

The only image I remember was of this big brown horse on the floor. His belly was open and his entrails were scattered all around him. There was blood everywhere.


There was a poor house.

All the furniture and walls and tapestry were shabby looking and oozing poverty from every angle you could reach scanning the room.

There was mould and it was dark. Everything was colored in blue, black and sick green hues.

The sink was licking on the side making the plaster swollen.

Ok I think I’m done for the moment.

I hope you liked them and also to dream soon something else to share with you!

Sorry it took me so long, but it’s the second post training period and I’m struggling again. My brain is fuming but, as always, I’m trying to do my best!


What do you think about that?

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