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Weird dreams August 2015


River close to my new office!

It’s been a while since I told you any of my weird dreams. 

Since I got up at 5.30 this morning because one of them, I guess it’s time to share them with you again.

As I might have said already, dreaming and remembering once more some bits of them, makes me think I’m relaxing, which makes me happy.

Dreaming is important for me because sometimes gives me inspiration for my writing, although at the moment some images of the new job hunts the dreams in the form of a boring and nasty background! 

So let’s start with last night or this early morning one.

I was in a corridor and there was a person looking like an old Stephen King who came after me once he discovered who I was. I tried to run away and hide behind a door in the middle of the corridor but in a blink he was next to me, he lifted me by the neck and he said “Where is your daughter? I’m going to kill your partner first” and I was destroyed but I had to protect her, so I didn’t tell anything. But then I saw another scene in which a complete stranger was gagging for air. He didn’t kill my partner. I just heard someone shouting “Aaaaalex!”


The night before I was running away from something and at some stage I was waiting in a back garden of someone else’s house, there was a man with me. I don’t remember who he was but at some stage he said “Come piggy, piggy” and then a huge boar came rushing in and I took him down with two arrows well assessed.

This might be the proof that watching Hunger Games films and reading Mockingjay before bed isn’t wise.


I loved the dream of the day before. 

I was ready to sacrifice myself I don’t even remember for what or whom and I was sitting in the Impala with Dean Winchester who tried to comfort me giving me a long romantic kiss. Oh his green eyes…

This means that reading Catching Fire and watching Supernatural before bed, can create a nice surprise!


Following I’ll write down other dreams in no particular order. 

Just remember that I can only recall some scenes, not the whole thing. Like the ones before I can remember only the part that caught my attention. 

I had to find four transparent or white marbles in the most weird places. This was the only way to kill the dragon. Silvana was with me. Someone had a baby but could not be disturbed. The atmosphere wasn’t nice or happy.

We went into a shop. Someone who worked with us found the last marble “Your granddad wouldn’t be happy” I said. Then I realized that the sachet with all the stones already collected was ripping at the bottom.

I tied the two corners (of what I cannot remember!)  to avoid problems. Luckily Maya’s tissue prevented the marble running all over….


There were blue and pink bolts of lightning in the sky. At the same times,  there were deep green cotton balls fluttering in the air. The bolt of lightning were falling vertically and horizontally to the ground and they fell close by. 

I asked Chiara to close the shutters and in that moment I saw the sky, which was sunrise light blue and pink.

I’d say I’ll leave you here, I found the list of past dreams and I promise you I’m going to write them down in the next post! I’ve become a very time crunched person and this post as well was written on a train to work!

But I need blogging as I need reading and writing so I hope you’ll understand my dear readers!

Have a lovely day!

Today is sunny in Dublin too! Well, at least for the moment!


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