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Monster flash – The lost grimoire

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Hi readers!

Here is another example of flash fiction, as the one I believe many of you liked last week. I still have a few notes about queer people I jotted down in the past. 
Commuters in the morning and afternoon are the usual boring salary men, so I have nothing picturesque so far. 
This short piece was already written, I’ll have to think more about the others. 
I hope it will be fun for you as it’s been fun for me. 

A lady who works in the offices of my ex-workplace volunteered to collect a black plastic briefcase addressed to one of her colleagues saying that she’ll tell him the two items delivered with the briefcase were still at the desk. Later in the morning, the person who was supposed to receive the delivery came to the desk looking for the whole deliver, briefcase included. Problem was I didn’t know the name of the lady but I recognized her in the security camera. Although giving an accurate description (long trench coat and fedora hat) she didn’t seem one of the ladies working in the office.

The man gave up and went back to his office.

The very same lady I saw in the morning turned up half an hour later coming through the same door  bringing the briefcase with her. She smiled, apologised and said she would leave it with me and strolled away.

Now Franny, think!

“Martha, where is my grimoire?”

“I don’t know mum. It must be in the kitchen among the cooking books!”

“Cooking book! Oh these new generations!” her mother muttered and then rising her voice “That’s where I’ve looked already. It’s not there!”

Martha looked frantically for it on the messy table. Her husband was out for the evening and told her he would stay at his best mate’s for the night.

She then invited her mother to stay at her place so they could replenish a few potions bottles and try a new one for the Creative Witch Fair competition 2015. Being a witch and being married to a man who didn’t know everything about her life was difficult sometimes.

However, for how long they looked for it, they couldn’t find Martha’s mum grimoire.

“Look, mum, I’m pretty sure I didn’t bring it with me at the black cat club yesterday but my briefcase is in the living room. We can check anyway!”

Her mother looked like she could have a panic attack any minute. She’d been compiling that book for hundreds of years and she wouldn’t believe it gone!

Martha went to the living room, propped the briefcase on her lap and opened it only to scream a second later.

“What?!” her mum yelled running from the kitchen and holding her breast “Did you find it?”

“Nope” Martha said becoming as pale as the woman in front of her “Dave must have taken my briefcase by mistake! I bought one for him too when I went for mine!”

“Well” said her mum urging Martha with her hands “Then it’s easy! Call him and tell him to come back!” she smiled but her lips were shaking and her eyes were far too wide.

Martha cleared her throat, adjusted her hair behind the ears and dialled the number. Her squashy sofa seemed having gobbled her up. The talon of her hand was massaging her forehead.

“Dave?” She shrieked and then adjusting the tone “Hi honey. Oh yes I’m OK! Oh nothing’s wrong, not really” Martha said clearing up her throat again “Do you know the black briefcase you took with you? Well, yeah it’s mine…I have yours here and I need mine back”

She looked with even wider eyes in her mum’s.

“Oh, no…not that urgent. There were just some cook recipes inside…nothing that cannot be sorted”

She hung up the phone and didn’t say a word trying to disappear even more, if possible, into the sofa folds.

“So? What did he say?” her mother asked.

“He doesn’t have it!?”


“Yeah he said he gave it to his friend to deliver to the Monster Factory tomorrow morning”


Plan was set.

They talked and thought through it in details.

Martha was to stay at the corner of the Monster Factory entrance wall and wait for the delivery guy to bring in the delivery.

“It’ll take ages” she whispered to herself sipping her coffee. She looked at the sky, adjusted the collar of her coat to cover her cheeks. It was still very dark.

After about an hour the little van pulled over and the delivery man brought in a few pieces. Among them she saw the briefcase.

She had to wait for the first lady coming in the courtyard heading for work. And here she was.

“Excuse me ma’am!” Martha said.


“Do you have the time?”

“Oh yes, it’s half eight” the lady said checking her watch.

It happened all very quickly. Martha touched her watch and said “Come back in an hour or two and deliver the briefcase you’ll find beside this door”

The lady just nodded and strolled away not at all aware of what she was doing. Martha took her badge and cast a couple of spells on her to resemble the picture on the ID: Melinda O’Neil.

She walked with long sure strides towards the entrance.

“Good morning” said the girl at the desk.

Martha pushed the brown fedora hat down to cover her eyes, the badge in sight just in case.

“Morning!” Martha said going closer to the counter “Is that stuff for the offices?”

“Oh yes, I was about to send them an email”

“Oh no need. I’ll bring them the briefcase myself”

“What about the other the other two bits? They’re for the same person!”

“Well, they look heavy. I cannot carry everything, now, can I?” Martha smiled “I’m going to bring this upstairs and then tell him there are other two items to be collected”

Martha snatched the briefcase from the girl’s hands and rushed away. With Melinda’s badge opened the exit door around the corner and when she was outside the gate she checked inside.

There were a few spells all right but no grimoire. While exchanging Dave forgotten files with her spells she called her mum.

“Mum the grimoire isn’t here!” she said as soon as she picked up the call.

“Oh yes…oh well sorry. Aunt Moira had it! I’ve just found out. Sorry honey…”

Martha didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. She hung up and putting the briefcase and the badge at the precise spot where the real Melinda was supposed to take them, she turned into her normal self.

So what do you think? That to me would explain why the lady turned up a couple of hours later holding the case, apparently not aware of the fuss made to look for her!


What do you think about that?

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