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Monster flash #6 – Pad and the demon

As you know already I’m doing some exercises coming from the book I’m reading now. The good thing coming from those exercises is that I’m thinking a lot. It was during one of this thinking session that I realized that I’d done load of observation in the past. More than that, sometimes I created stories. This one, if you remember, comes from the previous job tag. 
This is an example. Take it as a draft and a fee writing exercise!

Google search, the monument dedicated to the famine in Dublin.

Several months ago I was on tills and here he comes. He was a short stout man, muscly type. The kind of man you could find in an old style farm to make you understand. He rested his right bandaged hand on the counter. The bandage was very tight, the knuckles were covered and also the interphalangeal joints were singularly tightly bandaged…

His fingernails, both hands, were black and filthy and his hurt hand was shaking. He seemed touchy, nervous and red for the fatigue.

Now, Franny, think!

“You will give me a bit of your hand, the very same hand you use to work your land”

“But how will I manage to work if I do that?”

“No need. Whatever your kids will manage to do, it’ll be enough”


“I must remind you, human, you’ve summoned me!”

“Yes, I know but…”

“Of course you’ll die stupid creature…eventually. But, hey, this is the famine, you can’t expect everybody to survive…can you?”


“Your offspring will survive, you should be happy. Now, give me the first bit of your hand”

A high pitch scream pierced through the silent night echoing in the deserted country around. Nobody was there to hear what was going on in that isolated barn far from everything. His family was too weak, on the verge of starvation, to hear or do something.

The morning after old Pad could see already the result of his sacrifice. His hand was still bleeding but it was easy to hide such a wound when you’re a farmer.


Month after month Pad’s farm grew prosperous. Not only it produced a lot, not only the animals were growing bigger and fatter but many lords around were buying his products.

He tried to use his wealth to help his neighbours and as well everybody who asked for help so very fast he became a kind of saint and saviour.

Nobody knew, not even his family, that every month he was selling a piece of him to a demon.


One day Pad was walking in his field. No medicament was having any effect on his pain and he was growing weaker and sorer by the day. Suddenly he thought to see a figure far away under an apple tree.

He saw him bending till the ground and then after a blink of his eyes he didn’t see him anymore.

Curious to check what he’d just seen he walked till under the tree only to trip on something.

It just looked like a big rock to him but when he took it in his hand he discovered it was weightless. There was also a piece of paper beside the rock. He took it in his hand and muttered “Well wasted time for sure, since I’ve never learned how to read!” Despite saying that, staring at the strings of words he understood, like they were read in his head.

“You’ve done wrong, Patrick, you don’t do deals with demons. You knew what to expect, didn’t you. But you cannot change what is done. However, we have to recognize you didn’t use the gift just for your own sake. You helped whoever came to be helped. We decided you deserve a chance”

As soon as these words stopped chanting in his head he felt the stone becoming heavier and heavier until he had just to drop it and he fell on the ground as well.

When he managed to stand back on his feet he looked around and he thought to be dead.

“Where am I?”

“When, you want to ask!” a voce told him. It sounded like the voice he heard just a few minutes before.


“I brought you here from the past. You’re still in Dublin, Pad, but many years later.”

“Am I dead?”

“No, you’re not. But it won’t take long if you keep doing what you’re doing! So I suggest you to look for a solution to your problems here and since you’ll see wonderful things I’ll suggest you to find a way to get rid of your demons…if you know what I mean!”

Pad was left alone again. He kept looking around him and he couldn’t figure out where he was. He didn’t recognize the place, the street was looking so different. He wanted to know but he didn’t even know where to start.

“Hey you!” a voice said from behind him. He turned again and saw a young girl with short jet black hair and dressed as a man.

“Yes, you…you shouldn’t do deals with demons!” she said “Come with me!”

I’ll leave this here as it was just a glimpse on some potential material. I wonder if you got curious!  I had a clear/unclear idea for this character. I thought to finish bringing him to see today’s Dublin from very up high. But then I thought the subject would fit one of my WIP so I wonder whether I could use old Pad.

Also you’ll notice it’s not dead accurate. As I always said, in order to write something consistent and believable you should research in first place.

This scene you’ve just read is something I thought off the top of my head considering the prompt, but if I’ll decide to introduce it in my book, I’ll have to look for information for sure.

All considered, what do you think?



What do you think about that?

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