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Let’s observe!

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I might have mentioned I’m reading a book and I’m preparing to write a review about that. Because I really believe in what is written in there and in the writer who wrote it, I thought I’d do the exercises as well in order to have a full experience and tell you how awesome it is. This is also why, a part from my crunched time situation, it is taking me so long to finish it!

So I’m going to share with you the exercise I’ve done yesterday morning on the train, about the observation. 

I had to observe around me mentioning sounds, smells, people around me and their interactions. 

I don’t know if I made it right or not, but I want to share it with you, my readers, as a tribute for those of you who commute every day! 

Luas. 8:48 a.m. Thursday 6th of August

I just got in and found a seat and couldn’t have been happier for the luck. I have great material for the exercise.

Maybe that’s it! I have to activate the senses to get inputs.

The lulling motion of the train combines with the metallic sound of the trucks beneath me. In the background I hear the registered voice that announces every stop and the music coming muffled from the headphones of the person sitting behind me.

I’m in a place made up of four seats and other four are on my right hand-side.

A guy too big for his seat makes me retire on the edge of mine but I try to observe the surroundings while attempting not to lose my balance.

However, the ones who attract my attention aren’t the three passengers around me.

There is a couple on the further sits on my right hand-side. They wear mismatched, dirty clothes and looked like they had a drink too much or who knows what else.

She’s curled on herself dozing off or looking outside the window. Her eyes are sad. Maybe she didn’t think she will end up like this, on a train so early in the morning thinking about how her life could have been if she did different choices. Who knows what she left behind. A family? A son somewhere? Maybe she wanted to become a doctor, maybe she followed the love of her life who at the moment is curled on one and half seat in front of her and he’s keeping his feet on her lap.

Maybe he promised her the moon or just a distraction in a moment of weakness and now love has become addiction.

They look dirty and tired and they could use a decent meal and a shower.

Although I feel so sorry for them and some part of me is thinking how this people could be helped my attention is attracted by a group of lads.

It must be the day today.

The big guy beside me gets off the train, I regain the balance in my seat and the girl behind me switches to a latino music.

Unfortunately the group I was going to talk about disappears the minute the big guy obscured the line of sight, but I remember something. 

It was three of four of them, face features screwed from the long use of drugs, chatting in between them with those guttural voices and speaking that language that they understand only among each other.

They seemed to be organizing something and I’m pretty sure they were busting themselves already, I saw one of them swallowing a pill a few stops before. 

I hope they didn’t follow the pair I was talking about beforehand. He wasn’t that stable on his legs.

He had really a weak look about him.

It must be the day today.

I stop looking around just a few stops before I reach my destination. A strong smell of tobacco comes from the old lady who came in just now and is sitting besides me. Because of the small distance that is between us is almost unbearable.

I leave you with the muffled sound of drums coming from behind me.

I thought not bad for a 10 minutes slot spent on the Luas while travelling and trying to figure what I was supposed to do. 

I think I might publish something else on this blog, and I think that the review will be unique…I only hope in a positive way! 


What do you think about that?

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