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About Zombie Apocalypse TV shows

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From time to time I write a post about TV shows on this blog and today I’m going to talk about Zombies.

I know everybody is thinking about a new boring post supporting The Walking Dead.

Sorry to disappoint you, I hate The Walking Dead.

I know that writing for the screen is different from books, for different reasons, but all the workshops I attended to left me a kind analytic ability or, if you prefer, compulsive obsessive kind of behavior that prevents me to enjoy a TV show without analyzing it.

This is what happened with The Walking Dead and this is why I don’t like it.

The Walking Dead doesn’t say anything, there is no goal to move the story forward.

I always argue with, well almost everybody because of this. My partner says that the goal of the characters in The Walking Dead is to survive. I’d say that surviving isn’t a goal but one of the required characteristic to make a post apocalyptic world real. Even in Hunger Games they had to survive in the districts, but that wasn’t the point.

Also, I was told to watch the whole series before judging. I honestly don’t need it. I watched the first and second episodes of the first season and they bored  me to death. I couldn’t see the point of the whole hassle. I’ve seen episodes here and there but I was just disgusted. And mind you, I love zombies.

I know some of you would think I’m just a silly know all. But it’s a kind of judging meter I have developed!  I’ve been there with other series like Dexter and Teen Wolf. I didn’t like the first couple of episodes, but watching here and there some others I realized I was wrong and I started to follow them constantly.

Then I was told The Walking Dead is more psychological and it goes down to the characters. Ehm no! It’s zombie, not drama in first place! And secondly, telling the story of a character doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re giving more infos on his or her deep psychological state.

Anyway, don’t think this post is just a long rant about what I don’t like, look back at the title!

I have the perfect alternative: Z Nation!

I don’t consider myself an expert on the matter, so I’ll keep going with my personal opinion.

Z Nation is much, much better than The Walking Dead.

It’s zombie stuff, hence very splatter.

It’s fast paced and believe me, in three episodes you have so much more action than the one you find in The Walking Dead first season.

It’s variegated. Since I haven’t seen the other one properly my constant question to my partner is “is this ever happened in 5 seasons?” And he just shakes his head. I refer usually to alternatives like radioactive zombies or hyperactive zombies on drugs. This sentence is usually followed by him saying “well, but they’re different and this is just a splatter zombie”

Although I think this is pretty much the point, I have to disagree to some extent.

Z Nation has a hint of a story, for how small and silly it might seem the characters have a goal from the very first episode: bring Murphy to California.

That’s it! They have to struggle to survive, like in any post apocalyptic scenario, but they have something to do! AND, little by little, the characters are introduced with their phycology, but it’s diluted in every episode or a rare focused episode. I remember I’ve seen three episodes in row of The Walking Dead, each one focused entirely on flash back, it’s boring and heavy.

By the third episode of Z Nation you know more or less who the characters are.

So you got my point.

I have no clue how many season of Z Nation they’re planning to film and I don’t know if it’s going to worsen but for the moment is much better of that marketing boom of its counterpart.

It’s sad to see like people are always attracted to fashion or to what everybody watches and does rather than thinking about things!!!

W  Z Nation! Well done!


What do you think about that?

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