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Happy Belo day!


And the day after the celebration I post here again, simply to let you know how happy I am at the moment. I believe that being happy and also managing to relax a bit will bring me to update this blog constantly and also dedicate my spare time to my beloved writing.

Said that, I want you to know that my hands are kind of itching to tell you how wonderful are the improvements from my previous job. Also that I constantly think about the differences about the two jobs, but this is not the time to write them down, mainly because we talk about celebration here.

We talk about some founders who tried and managed brilliantly to organize a global celebration day for their logo. You can see it in the picture on the cake. It is a very sweet thing, in many senses!!!

Yesterday I was in work as usual, we worked our set time, and then we were part of this splendid meeting run by the founders in US and also we celebrated the event  with a nice picnic…indoors. Well we are in Ireland, we couldn’t really expect to be that lucky, but who cares, it was fab!

I love the philosophy at the base of the company I work for.

The idea is to create a worldly big family, where everybody feels at home everywhere. I think it’s a fantastic philosophy and I hope that we’ll manage to get there sooner or later.

I’ll promise you I’ll keep you posted. It’ll be soon experimented fist hand, only one night but it’s a good start.

And also kind of holiday after almost 4 years!!!

Short post, but I said the essential!

I’ll leave you with the video that explains what I’ve just said!


What do you think about that?

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