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When the boss is on holiday!



Hello readers,

Here I am again hopefully with a good news, at least for you! I hope…I think.

Ok so, the boss is away, on holiday! And by boss I mean Maya, my toddler. 

My mum offered me to keep her in Italy for a month so “I’m going to bring her to the beach and she’s going to see what summer looks like!” and I’m quoting.

Actually she’s kind of right. 

As you can see from the picture associated with this blog post, yes, this is Dublin today, the 13 of July. All right, no complains, we had already our week of summer so, I should be happy! But I also understand that a toddler needs more than that.

So the news is that I might be able to post more often during her absence! Well, whether this is a good news or a bad news you tell me, truth is I feel much better!!!

However I feel sad that Maya is away and partly guilty to have let her go, I’m happy I can relax a bit and dedicate some time to me and my partner.

A part having more energy to write during commuting, I can read a few lines of any book before bed. And believe me, these improvements make me feel so good right now.

Today my partner will have his raid online and I’m more relaxed so I hope I’ll manage to spend some quality time with my paperworks.

If I’m lucky, by the end of this week I’ll have all my handwritten things on file so I can start properly with my 10 minutes spells of writing.

But before that I have some important stuff to do I’ve been dragging for too long.

Firstly, I have to finish to read and take notes of Orson Scott Card’s How to write Sci-fi and Fantasy. I don’t think the guy who lent me that book expect it back anymore but I’m determined to give it back to him. I know what it means not having your books back.

Second, I still have to finish to read the book of which I had a copy in advance, in order to write a review. My point is I cannot review a book like that unless I test it, and to be honest, it would’t be fair for the writer. So I guess it’ll take some times for that too.

At the same time I put down some lists on what I should do to resuscitate my house, that at the moment look like it had been through a big fire that burned it to the ground.

Put it this way, I’m trying to tidy up my head and my house in order to have a nicer environment to work in!

I hope it make sense.

That’s it for today folks! Talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “When the boss is on holiday!

  1. I think it was actually two weeks of summer we’ve had so far, so yes, you shouldn’t be complaining. But I do hope we’re going to get more.

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