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Yoga time!

Hello readers! 

As promised for the moment I’m updating my pages in a very, very, embarrassing random way. 

At the moment I’m waiting for my Yoga lesson. 

After ages I decided to follow the unique doctor mantra like advice telling me to take yoga lessons both to relax and to move a bit! Well, decided isn’t that correct…it is true that doctors told me to do that, but yoga had always fell in the “I can postpone/ I’m sure sooner or later I’ll have time” frame of time. 

Thing is I don’t have an excuse anymore!

As a matter of fact a yoga teacher is offered once a week in my new office, and the lesson takes place inside the office itself. I don’t have an excuse anymore to delay and I have to comply!

Said that I had my first lesson two weeks ago, to give it a try! 

I haven’t done sport for a long while, I’m beyond the very stiff level but I sincerely loved it. 

I could breathe better, I was more relaxed and I’m going to keep doing it!

Now I have to go, so talk to you soon!


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