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Long time no see!

Good morning readers,

How are you? Long time no see! 

I’m still alive, but I have been struggling to fit in the new routine. 

I write this post to tell you the news mainly and then I promise I’m going to find a new shape for my dear precious blog! 

I understand that this might be a little bit confusing for you as well, in particular if you’ve been following my blog for a while but let me tell you, it is unsettling, and at time frustrating, for me too!

First of all let me tell you I’ve finished with my training and I’m in my official first week with my team in work. Everything is amazing but I have time to tell you all the details in the future. 

Because I haven’t managed yet to find an intelligent routine or a routine at all, I cannot find a normal way of tidying up my life and placing a time to do all the stuff I want to do and most sadly I have to do. 

It almost surely due to the fact I’m incapable of being organized, a.k.a. I suck in all I do, but mainly this time juggling a full time job, a toddler and the house chores it’s becoming very challenging. 

Because all of these elements I want to tell you  I decided to update the blog whenever I can. For example now I’ve arrived a little bit earlier in work and I decided to write quickly this entry. 

This means that this blog might become a kind of diary, it might be updated every day for a few days in row ora not at all for some other day. Also the topics will be different and random. 

Finally my level of English and my grammar will be poorer. 

But let me tell you something, it’s not for a lack of respect I’m doing this, but only because I love my blog and I want to be here!

So, see you soon all! 


5 thoughts on “Long time no see!

  1. Heh… we always seem to mirror each other, Franny! Fantastic to hear about your job. You found a new one in the same week that I did! There must be something good in the air. 😉

    I hope the job is going well. Judging by previous posts, it sounds like you’re working in a call centre. If so, enjoy it! I’ve done a bit of that in the last few years and it can be a really enjoyable environment when you’ve got the right team around you (and it sounds like you do!).

    I’m tucking into my 6th week of work now and finding it difficult to get a routine going, too. Stick at it though. I’m steadily making progress and managing to find the time to edit my novel (nearly finished) and even started a new one.

    This might help for you, as it did for me: a big part of my progress was that I accepted I simply can’t have a routine. I won’t get a specific time each day to write. I won’t even get time some days. But, if I do get the chance, I make the most of it. And once I feel tired or un-enthused, I set it aside again, knowing that the next chance I get, I’ll make the most of it.

    Not the speediest progress, but it’s certainly helped me with settling into the job. At the end of the day, stress from writing won’t be conducive with a good working environment, and work stress will ruin writing! So enjoy the small doses when you can. 🙂

    • Hi Sean, very sorry about the delay! Wow congrats for your new job too! I think if it’s true we’re mirroring each other you are the one bringing luck! Keep following me then!!!
      Yeah I love the new job and my team is fantastic. It’s a softer version of a call centre as far as I undrestand but it’s true, I cannot fix a routine!
      Hence I’m getting (very slowly indeed) to your same conclusion. You can see from my poor posting and slow replies too!
      How about you? How’s your new job going!!!
      Virtual hugs!

      • Well, I hope we’re not mirroring each other TOO much because unfortunately I had to quit my job shortly after posting that comment! Bit of irony… it was unfortunate how it panned out but it was a necessity.

        Now I’m back on the job hunt – might end in a friendly call centre if I’m lucky! 😀

        Great to hear it’s still going well, fingers crossed it goes up and up for you! Keep me posted! 🙂

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