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Thanks followers!


Google search! I love penguins!

What a beautiful way to start the new month! I’ve started the training today for my new job. The place is fantastic and people are the coolest I’ve ever met. Also during the past month I’ve noticed new people added to the number of my followers so it’s really time I do something about that!

I’ve just realized that I’ve never done such a post before and I want to apologize to my readers. 

When I opened this new blog I didn’t aspect to receive such a great response. Although I’ve been blogging for the past eight years, I’ve never had so many followers since I started.

I’m so happy and embarrassed at the same time! It’s awkward for me to admit I’m doing the right thing for once. Or, at least, I hope I’m doing the right thing, because, to be completely honest with you, I have no clue what I’m doing differently! Or maybe I should say I believe that my behavior towards my blog hasn’t changed a lot! Maybe I’m visiting more blogs or leaving more comments, but I’m so slow and messy that I don’t think it could make such a difference. But something I cannot tell definitely does.

So thanks a lot for your follow! I appreciate each and every one of you for pushing that follow button! 

It means to me a lot more than you think! In particular because of my low self-confidence that doesn’t help much, in particular if you want to create and expose yourself out there!

So every single time someone add his or her name to the followers list for me is a little victory I’m very grateful for. 

I know I’ve written a small post today, let me get into the new routine so I can post steadily and normally in the near future. Bear with me a bit longer you awesome people! 

Thanks again.




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