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New job!

One of my doodles!

One of my doodles!




The more attentive of you, dear reader, maybe have noticed already but I’m going to tell the news to everybody officially with this post!

I’ve sprinkled in several former posts hints that I had interviews and got a new job, but since I didn’t state it clearly, you might have read it and passed without giving it the right importance.

As you might remember in March I wrote a couple of posts in order to vent a very heavy situation I had in my old workplace. The pressure and the bullying reached such a power I decided that I couldn’t cope with that anymore. Hence I decided to look for another job.

It is very hard to look for a job when you hysterically consider two days long as two months and when you have to take into account the fact you’re paying a mortgage and also you’re going to pay a lot of money for the crèche.

Add to this a pinch of “I don’t believe I’m going to get anything because I don’t have special skills” I kept repeating to myself and to everybody who wasn’t tired of listening to the broken record.

But after a couple of months I managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A girl who worked with me for a short period had found a new job and she said they were still looking for someone to enlarge the team! So she sent a referral for me and I was called for the interview.

It was the weirdest and funniest experience related to a work interview. Actually I didn’t even think something like that could be done in such a formal process. I loved the company straight ahead and getting out after the interview I sincerely hope against hope that they would take me on board.

And it happened.

So this won’t be a long post, I’m just writing a few words to share my happiness.

Yesterday was my last day in the old workplace and on Monday I’m going to start the training for the new position.

Am I happy? Certainly I am.

Am I scared? A bit, as it will involve many different new information! But hey, I love to study and learn so I hope that won’t be an issue.

It will be a different kind of customer service as I’ll be on the phone rather than face to face, but I hope that I’ll settle in fast.

The office is the coolest workplace I’ve ever seen and people there look amazing and friendly. I hope that these first impressions will stay as they are forever.

No, wait, I hope that they improve. I’ve got enough of gloomy and fake places  and people to last me for two or three lifetimes.

This is a new beginning and I’ll make the most of it!



5 thoughts on “New job!

  1. Good for you – I was in the same position for years, believing that my skills were so limited that finding a new job would be very unlikely. I was forced by circumstance into looking for new work and since then I’ve worked with several companies large and small, building up skills and knowledge in the process. I hope your new position is a big improvement and that you keep on believing in yourself.

  2. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! OMG Franny, well done! You deserve to be very happy! There is hope!!!!!!! xxx

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