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Z as Zoo

  Google search! I’m not that good in taking pictures of animals, but that’s how cute he is! Thanks whoever is the photographer.


It’s funny but almost every time the letter Z is associated with Zoo.

I know that this is a cliché but it perfectly fits with the purpose of this post, and for two good reasons.

The first is that it reminds me of the alphabet songs Maya keeps listening every day, and are now, I fear permanently, stuck in my head. Whatever the song is or whatever color the letters are or whatever unusual association they might find the x will always be xylophone and z will always be zoo, or zebra if we’re lucky.

The second reason is connected with the Dublin Zoo, which has lately become my favorite place ever here.

I haven’t been there many times or as many times as I wish, but I love it.

It took me five years before going to visit it, probably because traumatized by the zoo I was brought to visit when I was a child. The one I remember from those years displayed tired, dirty and sick animals crammed in cages always too small for them.

The Dublin Zoo is amazing in comparison.

The animals look well cared of and well fed. Each one of them has their spacious cage where the original habitat is reproduced at its best.

Also some of the animals aren’t in cages at all. Take the monkeys for example.

Even my mum couldn’t believe it, the monkeys were free to go and play on a small island set in the very center of the lake that sits in the middle of the zoo and goes through almost the whole length of it.

One of my favorite animals there is the Red Panda that actually appears so well treated that it looks like his fur has just been brushed!

I’m aware that the animals are still in a cage and that it’s way different than being in your natural habitat but still there is a nice energy coming from that place that makes me feel better.


3 thoughts on “Z as Zoo

  1. My post was zoo also! – we live close to a really nice zoo. They also treat the animals well and offer many educational opportunities. My sons have always loved going – Congrats on completing the challenge! I have enjoyed visiting your blog -http://50andfabulousblog.blogspot.com

  2. That is an adorable red panda! did you know that on animal planet there’s a show called “The Zoo” and I think it is Dublin Zoo that they follow. I remember the monkey island being a thing many times!

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