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W as Writing

                                   Google search. I didn’t know what to put as picture, and I love memes, so this is perfect!!!!

The first time I went to Listowel writer’s week I was alone, my partner waiting at home. I went to a cafe to eat something with another writer and the lady organizing the accommodation came to meet us and say hello.

After a brief talk about our passion and us she turned to the other writer and asked “Are you so serious about writing as well?” She just smiled awkwardly in reply.

After this episode, I’ve always thought what I manage to communicate to people around me and wondered whether they understand how important writing is for me. Unfortunately I believe that the majority of them just think I’m weird.

For me writing isn’t a game and isn’t a hobby, that’s maybe why I become so frustrated when I don’t manage to write for some reason.

I’m trying to do my best considering the small amount of time I have for me, but I don’t do even a third of what I’d love to.

As I mentioned before on these pages I started my writing quite early but I also stopped as early.

I wrote exactly 15 pages of notebook when I was still in elementary school, but the negative and disheartening comment of my dad prevented me to continue.

I also said that my ideas were still there in a remote side of my brain and kept brewing. My creativity was recognized only when a Christmas or birthday card needed to be written but nothing more than that.

When I wrote my graduation thesis I discovered not only my passion for researching and writing a whole book but also for bending my work a bit from the general rules and be more creative. Once again I have to thank prof. A. who let me do so.

However, it was only when I came here in Ireland and I met the one who was supposed to become my third best friend, that I started full steam ahead with my dream.

He shared with me his passion for the music and art in general.

I really wanted to emulate him but, most importantly, I wanted to feel too that passion that it’s only half shared when you listen to someone speaking.

So I put pen on paper again and I couldn’t stop at all now. Actually if I stopped again it would be entirely my own fault.

So, despite having restricted time, whenever I can, I write. Writing make me feel good, complete and happy. If I’m sad it’s a way to vent and recover.

Actually at the moment I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to…but I don’t want to, so there is no problem!

I want to become a published writer and write more than one book. I’d take as personal defeat writing only one book or a series and not being able to create more. 

How about you, fellow writers?

Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “W as Writing

  1. Just like you, I write any moment I can. It’s difficult with a small child and life getting in the way, but if I don’t write, I got batty! Good luck with your writing and great work with the Challenge. 🙂

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