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V as Versatile

                                                                                                                 Google search! Let’s keep moving! Sooner or later something will happen!

I think that, thanks mainly to my curiosity, I’ve always been very versatile. I’m not saying I’m the most open minded person, but I’ve always tried to do my best. However I can say I like and I’m interested in many different kind of things. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about music, films, books or anything else, I can be attracted by totally different things altogether.

To give you an example I can be fascinated and enjoy Nightwish’s music and Joe Hisaishi’s. Or I can appreciate ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Dharma and Greg’ as TV shows.

I guess that this kind of skill will help me sooner or later in my writing, or at least I hope so.

One of my favourite writers is R. L. Stevenson, you know that by now, and maybe what I admire most in his writing is his ability of being versatile. He wrote travels’ accounts and then Treasure Island, and also Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Catriona and so on.

If you think about the classification of the genres of modern books these titles include non-fiction, sci-fi, adventure, historic novels and so on.

I’ve always said that I want to try and write different kind of genres, but the main shift I managed to do was from high fantasy to urban fantasy. At the moment I’m trying to write a kind of supernatural which is mixed with urban fantasy as well but I only hope I’ll find something decent to write.

The very first book I wrote was about pirates and set immediately after the golden age of piracy. I’m not sure I could define it historic novel because I don’t think I’ve done enough research about the time I set my story in. Well, I can tell you I was at the very beginning so I’m kind of excused?!

Also I tried a couple of fairy tales, and with the one in Italian I won the second place in a competition and won loads of jam!

My dream would be to write, along with the projects I’m following now, at least a dystopic novel and a sci-fi one. I know it’s all speculative fiction but I’m not sure I’d be able to bend my luck more than that. Of course, you never know, everything is possible if you want it strongly enough.

It’s not easy, at least for me, to jump from one genre to the other. Or at least isn’t that easy as to jump from one book to the other or from one film to the next. I can only hope that sooner or later I’ll manage and that my skill as passive reader or watcher would help my inner active writer!

How about you?


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