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U as University

 My two best friends and me!

As I mentioned in the N post, I went to Naples to complete my university studies. After I had to repeat the last high school year twice I decided to follow the other passion of mine besides the kitchen and went to study Japanese and English there. 

After an awful spell of 6 years in my high school, I started breathing again. 

People in university seemed opener and way nicer than the snobs I was used to so far. I met people with creasy behaviors and ideas but the most important thing I felt free to show my queer sides without being pointed to as the freak show weirdo! 

Studying in another city meant also that I had to learn how to survive alone, doing all my calculation to get till the end of the month. I have to admit, that till then I had no clue how hard it was to support a young lady as myself! But I soon understood and most of all I realized that I took advantage of the situation for too long, so the last two years of university I also started to work part time. I really wanted to show my family and myself I could make it and that I appreciated what they’d done so far and I understood the sacrifices they made. 

Also as mentioned before I met my two best friends during those years and it’s probably one of the best thing happened to me in my whole life, second only to having Maya! S. and E. are the best of the best at least for me. They know me very well and they accept me totally even with my weak sides and my weird ones. We developed a deep and special bond I won’t find anymore I guess. We can tell everything to each other, there is always mutual interest and understanding. They’re like sister to me, and I assure you it’s not just a figure of speech. It’s something very real, someone who doesn’t know us won’t notice the difference between us and a normal bunch of siblings. But most of all even people who know us sometimes find difficult to understand how deep our relationship is. You can then imagine how much I miss them being here alone!

In attending that course of studies I refined my abilities, I learned new things, I acknowledged my limits and I discovered how to overcome them. Pushing me forward was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I’m glad I did.

Overall I can say that University years were much better than the school years, not that it was very difficult but still I was very happy and making my parents proud was some big aim accomplished!



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