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T as Travel

Google search! Delphi!

Travelling is something very important in my life, whichever you want to take into account. Both in my fictional life, or better to say lives and the real life, travelling is key. 

Now, the consistency and the meaning are different but it’s still one of the most present things.

Let’s start with real life first. I haven’t travelled a lot in my life, I have to admit that, but I’d love sooner or later to have the chance to improve the amount of holidays and such! 

Despite the low number of travels in my life, I admit that the few I’ve made left the sign. 

If I could pick the most important, I’d put in the first place the very first travel I’ve made abroad. I went to Greece with the school and it was amazing. Well, to be honest the Athens part was something not so exciting because I found it extremely similar to Naples (and it actually was funny how two cities in two different countries look so alike). Different story altogether when I went to Delphi! Delphi is one of the most interesting and magical places I’ve ever visited. We went to see a temple and the theatre and I could touch by hand what I had studied in Greek literature in school. I felt such a wave of energy difficult to put into words. 

I hope I’ll be able to go to Greece again and visit more of that great place. 

Then I think the next important travel was the one that brought me here in Ireland. Finished the university, with my partner, I decided to move in another country and see what could happen. We didn’t have a friend here, no job and a very tight budget but we made it. I’m not sure I’d have done it alone but I’ve been here almost eight years now and I love the country.

Along with Ireland another dream was to visit Scotland and Japan. I visited Edinburgh for just a weekend but I was so happy and full of goose bumps, you cannot imagine! Without knowing it I found myself there during the clan reunion. I love men in Kilt and I found myself staring at a huge parade. But aside from that, the castle!!! Oh the castle. My partner had to drag me out of there. Scotland as well is one of those countries I want to go back to.

And Japan…sadly is still one of my biggest dreams, but I wish I could go there sooner or later.

Beside these kinds of travels, I have my fictional ones.

The very first book I wrote was in Italian, and it was about a doctor who became a pirate. He slowly became part of the pirate life so to create my main character inner travel along with an actual travel in the East Asia.

And of course you have one of my two WIP, Franny’s travel. That one too is part physical travel around Sonrisa and also a persona travel of my main character.

I’ve always loved those books where it was evident the change of the character’s behavior by the end of them. I hope to be good enough to capture the shift from the former character to the result of his or her own inner journey.

Traveling I think it’s an art. I’m not entirely sure I’m doing it correctly but I’ve decided I want to improve. Our world is beautiful and I have seen just a tiny part of it. I want more!

Same goes with writing, I want to imagine more and more and more…


What do you think about that?

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