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R as Role play

This is something else Jl and I have in common.

Even before meeting him I was playing with a group of friends…well someone who turned out to be not really a friend but I didn’t know back then. Anyway, I had this role play group I met more or less once a week for a session. It was, despite all, nice time spent!

When I met Jl for the first time and I immediately fell in love with his eyes I tried to look for an excuse to meet him more often. And actually it came very handy the fact he also played the role play games.

I tried and actually succeeded in merging the two groups and finally I obtained to see him once or twice a week.

At the beginning it was only playing and later it was going out for dinner so I increased the occasions I could meet him.

Then we had the “Franny and Jl dating war”! We had problems with families and also, unfortunately with friends, who, as I mentioned before, weren’t so friends! But we resisted.

And our passion with us!

So we found other groups to play with and also we tried something new together.

We learned there were some role play games live sessions. So you go there and dress according to your race and class and you interact with the other players like you become the character itself. It’s more or less like people would improvise a theatre show just interpreting their characters’ behaviours.

When we played we went to a castle not far from out city and it was very funny. I really enjoyed the open air and the madness people share in those “out of the reality” spells.

Fantasy is something we have in common and it’s very easy for us to win the slight differences that belong to our characters.

Said that, I really enjoy any kind of role-play. When I did last work interview, I had to use my skill in role playing in order to enter the role, and I absolutely loved it.

Now that I think about that, even writing is a bit role playing. I believe that if you enter into your character’s head and understand him or her, eventually you’ll end up interpreting them on the page!

Does this make sense?

  Google search! This is so cool! I have to find a group here in Dublin…who knows!


P.S. For all those who read this post and the previous ones, thanks so much! I know I haven’t catch up with yours yet but it’s something I had to force myself to postpone. I’m going to read the posts next month as I’m seriously struggling to complete the task itself! Sorry again about that, my sincere apologies.


8 thoughts on “R as Role play

  1. Roleplaying is an amazing hobby, whether it’s tabletop or Live Action! Have you heard of profound decisions? They’re a company that run two huge national LARPs, Empire and Odyssey, which I attend. Give thier website a look, if you’re interested in going to a field with 1600 other weirdos who love the same thing 😉

    And I have also found that roleplaying is a fantastic topic to bring up in interview, as employers like to see that you can communicate about topics clearly, and explain unusual concepts. Personally, I just love going on at length about a hobby 😛

    • Oh yeah! I love them and whenever I’ll have time…:(…. I’m going to have a look at it! I love to find some live though, but I don’t think they have anything around Dublin!

      • Oh yeah, Dublin! *facepalm* Ah well, it is good to know these things exists. Maybe there is a similar one in Ireland somewhere? These things tend to be around the place, if a little unnoticed. (I lived in Reading for 8 years, and only found out a roleplaying society existed there after I went to uni and found a different branch!)

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