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Q as Questions

Google search! I think this animation is genius. I’m the second puppet though, I eat questions! Even the smaller are important!

If I should represent my life with an element of punctuation, I’d pick the question mark.

Leaving aside my self-doubts, I’ll have a letter just for those, I realize I ask questions at all the times.

I actually could divide them in two different kinds of questions: the one I ask because I’m curious and the one I ask to push my brain to think.

I believe that as an aspiring writer they’re both good to ask and their presence means that my neurons are in a continuous motion. This let me hope I’m going the right route. Or maybe I just think so and I’m trying to convince myself I’m a normal person. You decide!!!

I think I’ve always asked myself the first type of question. I remember I’ve been curious since I was very small. Everything I could see around me was interesting.

I was the child following with interest the plumber repairing the pipes. I was the one sitting next to the boiler repair guy to follow the cleaning of the boiler and so on.

This curiosity about everything always pushed me to ask many question. For example at the dentist: how does this procedure work? What is this tool used for? How can you read this x-ray? I was lucky to find a dentist patient enough to answer all my questions, but doing this meant I learned something over the average.

I love reading, of course, and this associated to my curiosity and the questions popping in my brain, allowed me to feel comfortable in keep studying. I still feel very ignorant, but I’ve also learned loads of stuff, just because I’ve always tried to find an answer to my interrogations.

And strictly associated with this is the second type of question.

I got curious about facts, details, and people, whatever attracts my attention. But still the typical question that moves the whole thing forward is “what if?”

If I see a woman crying in the street and her attitude attracts my attention, a part from the questions like “what happened?” “Who made her cry?” “Has she lost someone?” that can simply and automatically help you to create nice character I’ll add something else. What if she just left her partner because someone threatened her to kill him if she didn’t join their organization?

Ok, maybe it was a silly example but actually that’s how my brain works.

For whomever asked me “Where did you get the idea from?”, that’s more or less it!

Of course the more the ideas remain in my brain and mix and brew, the more questions are asked and more answers issued and this is how I create my stories.

How about you?




2 thoughts on “Q as Questions

  1. When I read a book or watch a TV show or a movie, I find myself asking questions. How much I enjoy said book, show or movie depends on if they’ve answered all of my questions. You’d be surprised how many just leave things hanging and I hate that! -http://50andfabulousblog.blogspot.com

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