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P as Potterhead

Google search!

And speaking of obsession, here it is another one for you with the letter P!

I love Harry Potter saga and I think then, although I couldn’t quote it from cover to cover, that I can be considered a Potterhead!

I don’t agree with J.K.Rowling with every single thing she had done, to be completely honest, but I guess that being able to think with your own head means also to appreciate the pros and discard the cons.

I love, I really adore, the Harry Potter saga. I have actually lost the count of how many times I read them all. I began reading them in Italian and then, when I was able to read books in English, I hated the translation and I loved the books even more.

Almost once a year I have to reread the seven books. It’s a slow read and as usual is brought on along with other books. But I kind of need it.

Harry Potter is a series that makes me relax and lose the connection with the reality. Sometimes you need to have a break. Despite for me reading a book means breaking that connection, Harry Potter books have a special “welcome back home” feeling I love so much.

Sometimes I need to wonder with my imagination through Hogwarts and meet “familiar” faces. I need to hate the evil characters and love the one I feel richer after have met them in my reading.

You know? One Piece is kind the exception to the rule, I generally don’t prefer main characters. I don’t know why, maybe because I always think differently and I usually keep away from the main attraction. But don’t think I’m doing it on purpose or to keep the point. As I said in my previous post Luffy is my favourite.

In Harry Potter saga, though, I have a bunch of different favourites:

Sirius: he could have been a fantastic (god)father. Sirius is one of the sweetest character I’ve seen portrait in a book, although trying to maintain this smug attitude. I cried so long and so much when I read the story for the first time, and I’ve always hoped dear Rowling would bring him back in a way or the other. But alas, she decided that Harry should be alone completely.

Neville: he’s always been the clumsy, the unlucky, the one that should be kept aside, but he grew to be one of the most important characters. Also he’s always showed great sensibility and sense of justice.

Professor McGonagall: she’s probably one of the teachers I’d hate most in school, but I’d appreciate more when I grew up. She had this maternal side that is well hidden underneath her strict armour, but I believe her to be one of the best characters.

Lupin: I think is one of the sweetest characters. I hated to see him die. He’s the perfect stereotype with which we could make an example. People nowadays are judged by their appearance. People don’t care about their story, how good natured they might be, how intelligent they are. What important seems to be is their appearance and what the majority think.


Overall I think that all Harry Potter characters are to be considered well developed and worth the reader’s attention because even in the silly Gilderoy Lockhart there is something we could learn.

This is exactly my idea of writing. I have to tell a story, but not only for the sake of it, but also to teach something, even a small lesson. Of course patronizing writers who want just to teach, making sure that we got the message, almost for sure will obtain the opposite effect.

It’s this way of doing the one I like. Put the scene on the page, saying something and let the reader work it out. You might have done it on purpose, but you did only to move your plot forward…or did you?

As I said I don’t like much J.K. for a few things, but I respect her for many others and without doubt I’ll be grateful for ever to have created this series of books.


What do you think about that?

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