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N as Naples

Google search! This is a pic of arancini. They’re so yummy!

Napoli, Naples, is the city where I studied. Since I’d spent there several years, that’s why is relevant to this series of posts about me!

Actually, to be perfectly honest, the connection is a bit deeper than that.

Napoli is the main city of Campania, a region in southern Italy and it is where my mum comes from. When my brother and I were very small we used to be brought there for Christmas and Easter holidays.

We would travel during the night so we would be well rested by the time we reached our destination. I remember the lunches/dinners (almost every time you would sit at the table at 15 and wouldn’t get up until 23 or so) shared with my mum’s huge family. We were 30 or 40 people every time around long tables loaded with food.

By the time we were older the tradition was almost gone but, I have to admit, I miss those days. It was such a fun!

Then 15 years later I went there for my studies. I save you the boredom of the problems I had, I think I’ve vented too much already in these posts.

What I can do is give you a list of reasons why it was good for me to go and live there:

  • I met many nice people, some of them I’m still in contact with.
  • I met my most favourite professor ever, Prof A.
  • I found my two best friends, I really don’t know what I’d do without them.
  • I learned how to live alone and become a tiny bit more independent.
  • I graduated, something I didn’t think it was possible.
  • I started my passion about books and I began accumulating them.
  • I learned to love the Chinese cuisine.
  • I appreciated the real pizza and I ate a lot of it. Same goes with arancini!
  • I learned how strong was the bond between Jl and me, in case I needed to confirm!

Although I wouldn’t live there anymore, because it’s a too chaotic and dangerous city, overall it was a great experience and going back I’d probably do that again!

Google search! Real pizza from Naples!


8 thoughts on “N as Naples

  1. That pizza looks delicious, and now I want to eat again! I’ve never been to Naples. I visited Italy once, when I was younger and loved it. We went to Florence, Rome, Venice, Pompeii. All the touristy stuff, of course.

    • Of course! Pompei is quite close to Naples! You should definetely go there again! Pizza is good but arancini (the other picture) are good too. They are rice balls stuffed with different things and fried. So yum!

  2. I’ve never been to Naples, but my grandfather’s family are from Naples. I remember a cousin, Vincenzo coming to visit once.

  3. You had me at yum! What a great way to get traffic to your blog- delicious food photos. Best wishes on your A-Z journey.

  4. Two of my children have traveled to Italy and to Naples. I don’t really like to travel, but their pictures and stories make it sound like Capri is the most beautiful place on earth. And the food! Yum… might be worth getting out of my rut to see this Eden.

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