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L as Lucca Comics

I don't know who they are but their costumes are great!

I don’t know who they are but their costumes are great!

Lucca Comics is a comic’s exposition that happens once a year in Lucca, a small medieval Italian city set in Tuscany.

Jl and I are big fans of it. Even before we met we were going with our own friends and apparently we didn’t miss a year until we moved in Dublin.

Unfortunately since we came here we had different kinds of issues and seat backs so we had to skip one or two sessions. This was until those Ryanair geniuses decided to cut the flights to Pisa so, unless we decide to rush and run and ask hundred favours, we’ll never manage to go again. And we’re actually very sorry for this because it was a nice event and one of the few things Jl and I have in common.

It started years ago like a small exposition that would barely take the main gym of a sport building. Then in the next few years it grew steadily bigger and bigger until nowadays: the last editions were spread through the whole city inside the walls and it’s just amazing the amount of people attending every years.

There are expos, conferences, cosplayers. Whatever you’re looking for about Japanese manga, Italian comics, U.S. comics, gadgets and so on can be found there!

When Maya was only one we decided to bring her over during the less busy day and she was so thrilled and enjoyed so much we had the double of the fun.

Now, the funny and weird side of it is we understood our daughter likes zombies. There was a stand on a turret dedicated to Umbrella Corporation, from Resident Evil film, and loads of people were dressed and made up as zombies and my little one was laughing in their faces and was following them.

It would be nice to understand why she’s scared of Santa, but I guess we’ll never get that.

Lucca Comics is also a way and excuse to meet with your friends. We were going back from Ireland, one friend came back from Thailand and it was funny the way there was this silent appointment every year.

Also Jl and F. had this insane competition in which they were trying to buy the weirdest/ the most useless thing they could to win the bet!

I really miss those days.

The great thing about this event is that you don’t have necessarily to go to buy things, you just go there, as they say here in Ireland, for the craic.




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