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J as Jl

Google search! He doesn’t like pics! Maya picked this!

I’ve skipped one day again.

I think that I have to accept the fact I will do that again, and keep going on. After all, with this post, I’m on track. Despite the nudging feeling in my brain telling me I’m not doing that well, at least I didn’t give up. Shouldn’t it say something?

Today I want to tell you a few words about my partner.

Jl are the first two letters of his name, we’re now using as his nickname, because his real name is pronounced in different ways by everybody as it doesn’t contain any vowels at all!!!

We’ve been together for ages, it will be 16 years at the end of May. We’ve been living together for 8 years and we have a toddler. I’ll introduce her here in the M day’s post!

Although sometimes I’d rather chuck him out of the window I really couldn’t do without him.

We’ve been through loads of problem in the past 16 years but we’re still together, so I guess that it must be destiny! Or I must be completely nuts…as a writer it might as well be…still I’m a romantic person, so I hope for the first option!

The day immediately after we started dating, to be precise 12 hours later, his parents demanded him to dump me and they threatened him to kick him out of their house. Jl’s reply was filling his bag and leaving. They ran after him, maybe they didn’t aspect such a reaction. The episode repeated twice and they stopped trying this route. The real reason behind this gesture will die with them as we still don’t know why they behaved as such. They didn’t even know me but they hated me. In the next few days I received calls in which they offended me so my parents went to the police to make them stop. And this was just the beginning.

After a month I went to study in Naples but the situation wasn’t easier because the pressure was just huge. I couldn’t phone him and in case he wouldn’t answer the phone or something else happened I was cut out of his life. My parents weren’t happy and I always felt in between the hammer and the anvil to make it clear.

After about 8 years we were still together, despite all the problems and fights in between us. After all we came from two very, very different kinds of families and we’re opposite characters as well!

After my graduation, we decided to move in Ireland. I studied languages in university and I needed to improve my language skills. He decided to follow me. My parents weren’t happy and his parents either.

Then after a few years, we had Maya and it was her working the magic, well at least half of the magic! My parents saw what he did for me during the labour and the stay in hospital, they saw the whole thing from a new point of view, mainly my point of view, and they told me that they made a mistake in judging him so harshly. They still think that I could have had more, but I guess that perfection doesn’t exist and I’m far away to be a perfect person anyway!

Since his parents are damn idiots, they kept going headlong for their route and they didn’t budge a bit from their point of view. They’re evil people. And I feel sorry for my partner the most of the times.

Despite his harsh character, having some bits and pieces he took after them, he is a good person. He does his best to help me and stay beside him. After all if they didn’t teach you all the good values, how could you aspect someone to learn them. He’s improved a lot. He’s a fantastic father, already much better than his own…not that you needed that much of an effort anyway, but still you can tell he’s happy with me and our daughter. And that’s what counts!


2 thoughts on “J as Jl

  1. Relationships have their own amount of obstacles, but you and Jl have certainly had obstacles that most people don’t have to deal with. And you’ve survived them and had a child as well. That sounds like romance to me!

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