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H as Hunter’s journal

I don’t have an image for my book yet! I Google searched for this one since Supernatural gave me the inspiration!

As I promised in my F post, today I’ll talk about my second WIP: Hunter’s journal, again a working title.

This one is an urban fantasy/supernatural book. I’d say horror as well but I’m not entirely sure that my ability and my style would allow me to dip in that genre too.

I’m not even half a way through the story and the setting compared to my high fantasy, but the idea shouldn’t be so bad.

As it happened for Franny’s travel, Hunter’s journal had gone through several changing and transformations. I had to merge together different elements but I’m pretty happy with the route it’s been taking lately.

First thing first, the main characters. They actually come from two different short stories. One is from Marian and Grace, although their name now is Marta and Demetra (Demeter in English). The other one is Lillian from Ghost’s trick, although her name is Persefone (Persephone in English) now.  They are hunters, though they don’t know they are and they have to undergo lot of training and, most of all, they have to learn how to live with their new reality now. Both the short stories are in my short stories page here on this blog if you want to have a look at them.

As you might know I’m a big Supernatural fan and a few years ago I decided I wanted to write a fanfiction about that. I loved so much the setting, the story and the characters that I wanted more.

After a lot of thinking and, since my imagination took over, the ideas started to pile up and also I had new elements.

The consequence was I decided to create something on my own. I’m happy to keep the basic characteristics of the world Eric Kripke created such as salt can block spirits; salt and burn a corpse can stop the apparitions and dead man blood can drug a vampire, but I’m creating my whole new story with brand new characters.

There is one more thing. A person I thought was a friend, probably by mistake, gave me a good advice. Since my major problem to pitch an editor or an agent would be my English, I should use the fact I’m native Italian as strength rather than a weakness. Thus this book or series of books, I don’t know it yet, is set in Italy and Ireland and the two main characters are Italian and one of them almost Illiterate when the story begins.

My hope is that someone will see the story behind the language and would find it consistent with the fact that the grammar and the sentence structure is kind of messed up and will concentrate on the story itself.

And that’s also why the main project I’ve been working on for the past eight years and from which Franny’s travels generated, had become something I’ll use for a literary blog!

Does it make any sense? Am I wrong?

Does someone want to read the first lines of this WIP too?

Let me know your answers and thought in the comments, please! Thanks a lot!


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