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F as Franny’s travels

This is where the story starts...Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

This is where the story starts…Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

Franny’s travels is the working title of my high fantasy WIP!

As you know, I’m working on two different things at the moment, and Franny’s travels is one of them. The other one is Hunter’s journal and you’ll read something about that on H letter day!

I’ve been working on my fantasy world for the past eight years and I began a series of books set in that world as soon as I was working on it.

After a while I realized that the story wasn’t strong enough and maybe that was due to the fact that all the details weren’t decided yet.

So I tried to figure how to keep writing and at the same time tidy up the bunch of ideas brewing in my head.

The year Maya was born I decided to tweet about an adventurous travel. The point was to create something but at same time to give me an excuse to polish and embellish my fantasy world that was imperfect! Life, as usual, got in the way so I ended up in hospital for twenty days only four months after having the baby and I had to stop my literary travel.

But if my actions were forced to stop, my brain was far from being kept in its place.

I realized that the story was without a real aim, a part from the one of knowing my world better, and wasn’t that good. I thought nobody would fully appreciate it, as it really looked like a shopping list. I can do that in my personal notes, so I told myself.

As result I stopped tweeting in my fictional account, I did what I could to cope to everyday life in between a growing kid and work and my passion for which I’ve always tried to struggle more than for anything else!

However my thinking kept producing ideas, details and side stories, until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had to take the whole thing in consideration again and guess what, I realized that not only my world had evolved but also my main character and the whole setting.

When I put pen on paper again I realized that not only I had one plot to follow but almost 15. This was amazing.

So I decided to start all over again and write it down, this time as a journal, to be exact a travel journal.

The idea is to put everything on Internet and create a fictional blog, of course when I’ll manage to finish to write it down, edit and proofread it.

You’ll understand better my choice when I’ll tell you about the other WIP!

Of course I’ll tweet again about that, but it will be tidier and a better story. I’m looking forward to it, although I have no clue how long will it take! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Would you be curious to read the first few lines? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “F as Franny’s travels

    • Ok Lauren! Just consider I’m handwriting it so will be full of errors and such!
      It should start with four sentences on the first page:
      Why did I start writing?
      I promised.
      Why am I writing still?
      I want justice.

      Then just the first journal entry (still working on the date!):
      My grandfather expired a couple of hours ago.
      He left me this journal.
      He made me promise to write.
      He left me with a clear instruction: do not speak about this journal to anyone in the family.
      He told me I’m different.
      He told me I’m important.
      He told me I could make the difference.
      He told me to find my brother.
      He told me to go to Cho’s tribe in Funny Jungle.
      He told me I’d always been his little one, his favourite.
      He expired.

      I’ll tell later but I used expired because they are made of liquorice so as all sweets they expire!
      Tell me your feedback even if it’s negative. Have I hooked your attention or it’s just silly?

      • Haha really?! Thanks so much…are you sure? I didn’t think it was that great!!!Well whenever I’ll manage to finish, I’ll have to type in a file, then edit and proofread!!! Then I’ll open a blog hoping that someone will notice the story rather than my English!!! I wouldn’t pass the slush pile right now!!!

      • Really! Have faith. It’s an interesting concept, and it drew me in. That’s what you’re supposed to do, draw people in right?

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