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E as English

Google search! Maya picked it!

I haven’t always had a great relationship with English language. To be completely honest with you there was a time when I used to hate it. I believe, I strongly believe that teachers are important and that they can determine not only your learning pattern but also the relationship you have with a given subjects. For the first five years in school (as you remember I had to repeat last year) I had the misfortune to have one of the dumbest English teachers ever. She was following her scheme and the only person who was worth to be heard was one of my classmates who began studying English when she was five or six.

The rest was on the average, I was even below. She used to tell me that I was awful, that my pronunciation was horrible and that I should have changed foreign language altogether. Although I used to love literature I stopped studying because it was basically useless since she decided that I wasn’t good enough. My parents sent me to a lady for remedial English lessons and that was probably the best thing they could have done for me.

Inot only was very patient, but she managed to get me involved again with the language. At that stage it didn’t really matter what my teacher said or did, I was just in love. Thanks I.! This is how teacher should be: they should manage to pass on their passion to the subject, like Prof A. from the first post of this series. After all, marks don’t really count in life!

But even better, when I had to repeat the last year, I had another teacher and he was thrilled with my English. He said I had a great pronunciation and that I was doing great. I was so happy then!

Then I moved to Ireland after my graduation and I started writing again.

For different reason I think I explained already somewhere I decided I wanted to write in English.

It’s hard, my grammar is not perfect and you can see from my posts as well that I’ll have to fight hard to hope to be published one day. But I want to make it. It’s my dream and I picked English as my writing language.

Despite my errors and my problems and, although it seems the opposite than I say, I feel more comfortable now in writing in English rather than Italian.

If I’ll even manage that, I won’t be the first author writing in a different language.

What can I say? Keep your fingers crossed for me!


8 thoughts on “E as English

  1. I’ve always believed teachers are important. My children’s successes so far with school has been due to dedicated teachers. When I was in high school, I had a terrible math teacher for 3 years and to this day I look at algebra and geometry like a foreign language. So glad you were able to get someone who was patient with you as well as passionate about what she was teaching!

  2. Congratulations, you write very well! I taught for seven years right after college. During that time i learned how mean, and how GREAT some teachers can be! I have had both, and like you, I much prefer the kind and encouraging ones. I had a French teacher who used to yell at us all the time: “Ferme ta bouche! Votre GRANDE bouche! ” You can imagine, I shut my mouth and kept it that way, surely never took the risk to pronounce anything! How sad! Its funny now, but as a student, I was petrified of her! You are doing very well, keep up the good work! Helen

  3. Teachers have enormous power. Many now regard the profession as “just” a job, not the vocation it used to be. The bloke had a very negative experience in primary school. His readng was well ahead that of his classmates but he was not permitted access to books in the school library above the level of Janet & John. Luckily a family friend took on the role of his reading mentor.
    Franny, you’re doing great! Kudos to you.

    • Thanks a lot Debs! Yeah and the funny and frustrating thing is that most of the times the ones who have the vocation are at home and hired only for substitutions like my friend I.! She should cover a permanent role!

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