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D as Doodle

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Ok the second post within the same day is a bit of cheating but I had no choices really. Please be merciful with me. The day in work had been very busy. We had 9294 visitors and my brain is leaking through my nose so I apologize in advance if this won’t be a nice post or it won’t make much sense!

D stands for doodle.  I love doodling. I doodle while talking at the phone, while talking and even when I’m thinking. So, I’ve been fidgeting with the idea of opening a doodling blog. A place where to put daily or almost daily doodles. I’m not an artist or such, so I’d be doodling horrible things and I’ll be taking pictures of them, or upload what I could do with the children’s apps I’m using just for fun.

I’ve always loved to blog and opening a new one is always exciting. Sometimes I feel an obsessive compulsive push to open a new one. But because I have a project of a literary blog to open as soon as I can, I think it’d be too much.

Of course blogging is a responsibility because each and every reader is important as much as every comment or like. It takes an awful amount of time to grow a blog and I’m not doing a good job with just one, so there is a lot of thinking to do.

So before I degenerate I’m going to upload in this post some doodles I’ve done yesterday!

Enjoy! I’ll see you on Monday!



4 thoughts on “D as Doodle

  1. Love a good doodle! I tend to scribble flowers, leaves and bare trees … and my artistic skills are zero. And I like to doodle in colours or with a good pen. I just love the feel of the way it slides over the paper and doodling gives me the pleasure without the work of writing!

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