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C as Chocolate

Google search! This is my favorite, chocolate and biscuits!

First seat back of the month. I was so busy with the house chores I didn’t mange to publish letter C!

I’m about to go to work, so I’m not so sure I’ll manage to publish the letter D within the day…keep your fingers crossed!

Since with my previous post I touched a delicate theme I decided to switch to a lighter one today. It’s still something concerning me but it’ll relax the atmosphere.

I love food in general, you can tell from the huge amount of fat smiling and waving from every inch of my body. The Monday I will commit to a strict diet hasn’t arrived yet and, although I’m trying to eat healthy in general, I have to say that there is loads of no-no-food I add to the healthy options!

Despite my addiction to pasta, pizza and puff pastry, there is something I really can’t give up: chocolate!

Dark, milk, white, with nuts, fruits and so on, I like it all.

Ok, I have my favorite but “never say no to chocolate” is my motto. If you want to make me really happy buy me some chocolate!!!

I can eat the bar, the mousse, and the pudding and I can even drink it mixed with milk.

I like it so much that I decided to dedicate to it a whole region in my fantasy world. In Sonrisa there is a country called Dough Land, which is entirely made of sweets and one of its five regions is Chocolate. And of course, forgive me the spoiler, the majority of the people coming from that region are good and on the goodies side!

I think I’ll stop here before you think I’m a lunatic!

I mean I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t use drugs…never done in my life, any of these.

But food is my Achilles’ heel! And I guess you can put it this way: Chocolate is my Achilles’ heel’s Achilles’ heel!




What do you think about that?

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