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The 777 writing challenge

Since I’m still recovering from my weekend de fuego and I didn’t post anything at the beginning of the week, I was very happy to read the post on Lynette Noni’s blog about an interesting challenge. I guess it would suit me also because I was looking for an excuse to show you some of my work in progress.

I promise I’ll tell you more in the next post about Paddy’s festival, but I’ll just leave you here a hint. In the three days I was in work we had 22.090 people…yes no mistake in typing the number. You understand I’m still knackered!

Now, back to business, here you can find Lynette’s post. I found her piece very intriguing!

And here is the original post she was tagged in.

So basically according to the challenge you go to the 7th page of your WIP and then you count seven lines down the page and you write in your post the next 7 lines. Last thing to do is to tag 7 blogger to do the same in their blogs.

Since I’m working on two different things I decided to offer you a bit of both. It’s kind of difficult to count the lines because I’m handwriting the both of them for the moment, so I’m going to count what I have in my notebooks!

First I’ll give you a glimpse of Hunter’s Journal, which is the working title of my urban fantasy set in Dublin and southern Italy and it will be the one I’ll use to try and pitch an editor. Just, please, consider that the character who’s writing here is very ignorant and almost illiterate!


“Welcome on your Aerlingus flight to Dublin” the radio voice told so laud it echoed all over. I couldn’t tell how.

“Dublin?” I asked under my breath.

“Oh, you woke up at last” a gentleman dressed in dark green sitting next to me said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name’s Seamus and you’re coming with me”

“Sorry, there must be a mistake, I don’t even know you” I said. I started to shake at that stage.

“Well, I’m not surprised, you’re not supposed to” he said.


The second sample comes from the high fantasy that should become the fiction blog I’ll open one day! Hopefully someone will notice my story and won’t care about my English! I’m aware I need more practice and improvement.


Dan and me were never told who our ancestors were. Nobody had ever talked about our “abnormalities”.


I was the last one to leave the baby field, when it was so dark I couldn’t see my hands anymore.

I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t put my wings back in place.

I decided to detour and walk home the longer way, so I could sneak in my bedroom through the window.

The colour candle in the farer corner gave a feeble light.

It was only the first hour of the West.



So what do you think? See, the problem is that when I share a piece, I also become very needy for a feedback, hoping against hope that the piece doesn’t suck!

And despite being the weak ring of any chain, I really tried to tag seven blogger. The great problem is that their blogs were hacked, I guess or I don’t explain in another way, or deleted…I might have missed a passage!

So anyway who wants to join the club feel free to do so! Come back and tell me in the comments about your post. I love reading people’s stuff!

Have a great day you all!


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