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St.Patrick festival!

And in a blink we’re in March again and, as every year since I’ve started working in my current working place, we’re looking forward to St.Patrick’s festival! This year will be four days and will be loads of fun! Numbers are rising so we’ll have many, many people more! Yeahhhh!

OK, this is the ideal comment, something I’d love to utter but my brain is in a different mood at the present:

St.Patrick’s festival is looming upon us… it’ll be four days of madness, I hope I’ll survive to tell the tale. I prepared some festival survival kits in order to feed the family since nobody is helping me this year!

Survival Kit1

Big lasagne tray!

Survival Kit2

Survival Kit3 Small lasagne tray and chicken made in different ways!

So if everything goes like I hope I’ll see you on this pages at the end of next week, otherwise has been a pleasure to meet you! Each and every one of you, my dear readers!

For a bit of entertaining I leave you the links to my old posts!!! Here, here, here and here you can read my past adventures! 

Oh, and Happy Paddy’s day!


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