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What kind of reader I am!

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In the attempt to be coherent with my two previous posts, I believe this is the right time to write something about my reading habits.

I decided I want to make you laugh about the way I’ve been reading since, I think, forever!

A few weeks ago, during lunch time, I was reading “Gone” in the port cabin (a special niche, not always so quiet but at least more silent than the canteen and ideal to read or write during lunch breaks) and I was so concentrated that I realized only after a good while that I was commenting aloud.

To be precise, I was so absorbed in my reading, that when a friend of mine tapped my shoulder I kind of jumped…the scene I was on was very, very interesting and action packed and it was perfectly normal, at least for me, getting lost completely in the world of the FAYZ.

If you add to this episode, a test I’ve done lately, “which kind of reader are you?”, and if you want to take into account the fact I didn’t find the outcome satisfactory at all, I decided to rewrite the result I know I don’t need a test for!

I thought to tell you something about my habits, although probably I’ve mentioned something already, along with the rant about not having time enough to read and reading less than I wish.

I talk with books and when I find a good one, I’m absorbed completely into its pages.

The earliest memory of this….I don’t even know what it is…an issue? A problem? A funny characteristic?

Well, first memory is back to high school, when inside the Latin grammar book I opened one of Su Tong’s books. “Just a peek” I told myself. When my mum called me for dinner I had just finished the last page but my grammar book was still untouched!

Next coming to my mind is an episode belonging to one my university summer breaks and I remember I was reading “Jane Eyre” for English literature exam. I was on my parent’s house terrace and I was alone. The silence was absolute. Exactly in the middle of the scene where the mad wife, Bertha, comes down from the attic to ruin Jane’s dress, the phone rang and I screamed and panicked before I realized what was going on!

Since I’m not fully aware of the process behind this characteristic, I can’t recall every single episode and also I’m not entirely sure how I behave in general, so I asked my two best friends who were in the dormitory with me, back in university years.

They said I’ve always been hilarious to watch as I kept commenting aloud and accompanying everything with very theatrical gestures, cursing also the villains in any way I can think of.

I was told as well that the girl next room (as the walls in between rooms were very thin) used to ask me what was going on.

The other anecdote I remember belongs as well to my university years, in particular while staying in one of my best friends place. It was the ideal book lover background: cold and windy outside, crackling fire in the hearth and a huge squashy armchair…perfect. I don’t even remember what I was reading but I’m quite sure it was something for the comparative literature exam.

At some stage I just felt watched. When I peeked over the top of the book, I met my best friend’s mum’s eyes.

She was sitting in front of my armchair and leaning on the back of the sit looking at me. I realized she’d been doing for a while before I got distracted.

When I asked if everything was alright she said “Oh yes, you’re just very funny and entreating to watch when you’re reading”

As I grew up and moved away, ready for an independent life, I had to force myself to become aware of this particularity of mine. So I’m not doing it so much anymore unless, like is happening lately, I’m very tired or stressed and hence distracted.

Probably connected to this habit is the ability of reading more than one book per time (and now writing also) without getting confused.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, while I’m reading, the images and characters become 3D in my head. I guess that then characters become in a way real people, while the story becomes a real situation.

Maybe it sounds crazy but I figure that as you don’t mix up your friend and their lives, same happens with books and you characters’ stories.

Maybe the way I’m so attracted to the story that I end up commenting aloud is a side effect of them becoming real to me.

Does it make any sense?

So to answer the question what kind of reader I am, I’d say I’m just creasy!

But if for some reason there is someone out there who share my problem or ability, it depends on the point of view, give me a shout, so I won’t feel alone!

And what kind of reader are you? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “What kind of reader I am!

  1. I completely understand what you’re trying to say, but I just can’t relate 🙂
    Reading multiple books at the same time would just be confusing and I’d lose the plot.. and interest in all of them. Then again, I’m a guy and apparently that’s what we do.

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